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In We the Media, Dan Gillmor discusses the impact of journalism by the people. Technology of today has allowed us to be writers in various ways especially via the powerful Internet. We are able to actively participate in discussion of the news through blogs, forums, chat groups, and email. Gillmor believes in the capability of people to make news today because current technology has encouraged and welcomed our participation. The internet has become a powerful media tool by allowing the transmission of information from people. However, there are also dangers associated with this freedom which he discusses in this book.
Some examples of his concerns are his reference to copyright infringement with peer-to-peer networks, the possible spread of misinformation, public-private concerns, and open source politics. Despite the disadvantages, Gillmor believes that the internet gives everyone a chance to voice their opinions once they have the necessary connection tools.
We the Media was interesting to me because I had never thought of us, the citizens, as ?writers? in Gillmor?s terminology. Technology has encouraged innovation and expression in a way that includes the broad public. All participants are able to express themselves via words thus allowing for an active and informed community which also aids in the promotion of democracy.
Gillmor looks at the internet in a realistic way by considering these consequences and the intentions of citizens, journalists, and businesses. His approach is pragmatic in that it considers these political, economic, and social perspectives. Businesses and journalists would seek to benefit from the internet for monetary reasons just as the public seeks to benefit by expression of opinion. The internet serves various purposes and they many are relevant to the values of today.
Gillmor?s book touched on many topics relevant to the issues of today and he continuously focused on the importance of grassroots journalism. Anyone who is seeking to gain an understanding of the benefits of grassroots journalism as well as understand the concerns regarding a public domain should definitely read this book.

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