Review: Deliver Us From Evil: Defeating Terrorism, Despotism, and Liberalism

Editorial Review - - Jesse Kornbluth

• Read an Excerpt I was eight years old when I encountered my first neighborhood bully. His name was D J; he was in high school and loomed above my friends and me like a malevolent Colossus, smacking us at every encounter with an unsettling, detached amusement. Running did no good; he could bring us to the ground within a few steps. Appeasement in the form of offerings of candy, money, whatever ... Read full review

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Perhaps one of the most poorly researched, one-sided, "he-said," "she-said"-based, pieces of garbage I have tried to read in a long time. Hannity's inner-child is revealed yet again in his usual fact-denying, Zionist-worshiping, zealot-like manner; where Israel is his daddy, and his daddy never does anything wrong. Hannity routinely compares the Soviet Union to Nazi Germany, while also speaking of the great "allied" victory, which in no way would have been possible if the Soviets didn't defeat the Nazis at during the Battle of Stalingrad; which changed the course of the war. Hannity doesn't think about such things, and it shows. Pray for this nation as soon as his sort of thinking becomes mainstream. 

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Sean Hannity is a joke, a product of the illusory dualistic political climate that the "mainstream" has peddled to unwitting consumers. Save yourself the headache and skip this abortion of the English language.

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