Elizabethan & Jacobean Pamphlets

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Percival and Company, 1892 - English essays - 288 pages
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Page 259 - By sitting on the stage, you may (with small cost) purchase the dear...
Page 263 - ... on the stage ; you shall disgrace him worse than by tossing him in a blanket, or giving him the bastinado in a tavern, if, in the middle of his play, be it pastoral or comedy, moral or tragedy, you rise with a screwed and discontented face from your stool to be gone.
Page 157 - I am now, be both at once of them forsaken ? Yes, trust them not; for there is an upstart crow, beautified with our feathers...
Page 263 - No matter whether the scenes be good or no; the better they are, the worse do you distaste them. And, being on your feet, sneak not away like a coward, but salute all your gentle acquaintance that are spread either on the rushes or on stools about you ; and draw what troop you can from the stage after you.
Page 242 - Duke's gallery contain you any longer, but pass away apace in open view; in which departure, if by chance you either encounter, or aloof off throw your inquisitive eye upon any knight or squire...
Page 154 - To those Gentlemen his Quondam acquaintance, that spend their wits in making Plaies, RG wisheth a better exercise, and wisdome to preuent his extremities.
Page 244 - ... a gull, and not worth the putting off to, that cannot observe the time of his hatband, nor know what fashioned block is most kin to his head: for, in my opinion...
Page 242 - Paul's jacks be once up with their elbows, and quarrelling to strike eleven ; as soon as ever the clock has parted them, and ended the fray with his hammer, let not the Duke's gallery contain you any longer...
Page 157 - Usurer, and the kindest of them / all will neuer prooue a kinde nurse : yet whilst you may, seeke you better Maisters ; for it is pittie men of such rare wits, should be subiect to the pleasures of such rude groomes.
Page 157 - Yes, trust them not; for there is an upstart crow, beautified with our feathers, that, with his Tygers heart wrapt in a Players hide, supposes he is as well able to bumbast out a blanke verse as the best of you; and being an absolute Johannes Factotum, is in his owne conceit the onely Shake-scene in a countrie.

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