The Congo slave state: A protest against the new African slavery; and an appeal to the public of Great Britain, of the United States, and of the continent of Europe

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J. Richardson & Sons, Printers, 1903 - Belgium - 112 pages

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Page 98 - ... That the Government of the Congo Free State, having, at its inception, guaranteed to the Powers that its native subjects should be governed with humanity, and that no trading monopoly or privilege should be permitted within its dominions...
Page 106 - There was no doubt that the administration of the Congo Government had been marked by a very high degree of a certain kind of administrative development. There were railways, there were steamers upon the river, hospitals had been established, and all the machinery of elaborate judicial and police systems had been set up.
Page 74 - Though they understand the satisfaction of a sentiment when applied to England, they are slow to understand that it may be a sentiment that induced King Leopold II. to father this International Association. He is a dreamer, like his confreres in the work, because the sentiment is applied to the neglected millions of the Dark Continent. They cannot appreciate rightly, because there are no dividends attaching to it, this ardent, vivifying and expansive sentiment, which seeks...
Page 48 - Since the date of my last letter, I have the honour to inform you, that I have received a letter from Mr. Foster, his majesty's minister in America, by which it appears that he had actually commenced a negotiation with the government of the United States, respecting the British orders in council.
Page 44 - There is no trade, properly so called, on the Congo coast of Tanganyika, but all rubber and ivory is regarded as the property of the State, and has to be surrendered by the natives in fixed quantities annually. The natives are, however, continually in rebellion, and the country is unsafe except in the immediate vicinity of the military garrisons, and within the sphere of influence of the missionaries.
Page 79 - Luluabourg, about five days' march from Luebo, there is a large settlement of Zappo-Zaps, a strong, revengeful, cannibalistic tribe, who are retained as soldiers and vassals by the State. These ZappoZaps, armed as they are, and sent out by the State to collect tribute for the Government and other purposes, are a terror to the whole region ; they are the great slave-dealers of this section — a traffic which the State is supposed to be making efforts to suppress.
Page 18 - Our only programme, I am anxious to repeat, is the work of moral and material regeneration, and we must do this among a population whose degeneration in its inherited conditions it is difficult to measure.
Page 2 - The sufferings of which the picture was given to the world in Uncle Tom's Cabin are as nothing to those which Mr. Morel represents to be the habitual accompaniments of the acquisition of rubber and ivory by the Belgian companies " ; whilst the Morning Post characterized the book as being " a terrible indictment of the Congo State.
Page 21 - It has, therefore, been made abundantly clear by the foregoing : 1. — That the financial existence of the Congo State is based upon the acquirement of vast quantities of rubber and ivory which it disposes of in the Antwerp market. 2. — That this rubber is acquired from the natives by extortion, compulsion, and the institution of Slavery on a colossal scale.
Page 105 - Power which exercises, or shall exercise, sovereign rights in the above-mentioned regions shall be allowed to grant therein a monopoly or favour of any kind in matters of trade. The...

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