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Page 166 - Inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these, you did it to me
Page 201 - from which the soap is made runs from it into the holes, and is secured and purified afterwards. There is something in the composition of this Barilla ash which makes it astonishingly curative and most agreeable on the skin. Lather made from it, instead of drying and so far burning the hands and arms, for example, of those using it in clothes washing, has the most soothing and delightful effect.
Page 200 - we soon find that certain soaps are even harmful, especially if often used, while one or two others are evidently the right sort of thing. The essence of the difference seems to be in that between soaps made with " soda ash," as some soap makers call it, and
Page 202 - Very especially is it important to distinguish between the qualities of soaps used on the sensitive skins of infants and invalids. If you ever wash an infant in strongly caustic soap you may look for a state of discomfort in the child which will make it restless and miserable without your being able to tell how it is so.
Page 201 - It is made of Barilla ash. The Barilla is a plant growing abundantly in Sicily, Teneriffe, and we think also in some parts of Spain. It is gathered somewhat as hay is, and burned over large holes in the earth. When so burned the
Page 201 - could wish for almost all purposes. We believe the making of this is a secret in possession of this firm alone, but their price is not at all high.
Page 202 - So with sensitive invalids when they have to be washed or soaped so as to keep off or heal the bedsores which are apt to appear on them.
Page 201 - we have tried the matter so far as to feel assured that this soap is by a long way the best at the price
Page 203 - the back of the head and down the back of the neck,

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