Manual of Botany, for North America: Containing Generic and Specific Descriptions of the Indigenous Plants and Common Cultivated Exotics, Growing North of the Gulf of Mexico

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Websters and Skinners, 1829 - Botany - 514 pages
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Page 278 - M. .) leaves and sheaths elongated: strobiles ovate-conic, rounded at the base, sub-solitary, about half as long as the leaves; scales dilated in the middle, unarmed.
Page 283 - Q) stem terminated with 2 peltate palmate leaves ; flower single, inserted in the fork, formed by the petioles of the leaves. Sometimes the plant is three leaved, and sometimes the flower is inserted on the side of one of the petioles.
Page 182 - If.) spur shorter than the germ ; lip entire, linear, with the base dilated of the length of the spur; bracts of the length of the flower On mountains the flowers are green, in the meadows white.
Page 19 - LIL"IUM. Corolla liliaceous, inferior, 6 petalled ; petals with a longitudinal line from the middle to the base; stamens shorter than the style; stigma undivided ; capsule sub-triangular, with the valves connected by hairs crossing as in a sieve. (lily.) ERrTHRo'wuM.
Page 36 - Calyx 5-leaved or deeply 5-parted ; the two lower divisions remote; corolla personate or ringenl, spurred or with a prominent base; the throat closed with a prominent palate ; capsule ovate, 2-valved, dehiscent at the apex, with reflexed teeth, (snap-dragon, toad flax.) GERAR"DIA.
Page 381 - During the whole of this period no pains have been spared to make it as perfect as possible.
Page 41 - MEDICA'GO. Keel of the corolla deflected from the standard; legume compressed, spiral, (lucerne clover.) * COLU'TF.A. Calyx 5-clefl with the keel obtuse; style bearded on its back through its whole length ; legume inflated, opening on the upper suture at the base, (bladder senna, bush locust.) Ex.
Page 48 - Anther parallel with the stigma; not caducous; masses of pollen affixed to the summit of the stigma, and made up of farinaceous or angular particles. GOODYERA.

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