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Page 36 - in self as to have no room for any person else, except, perhaps, a lover, whom she only seeks and values, as offering his devotion to that same idol, self. Female friendship may be abused, may be but a name for gossip, letter-writing, romance, nay worse, for absolute evil; but that
Page 200 - There is a dread in all delight A shadow near each ray, That bids us then to fear their flight When most we wish their stay.
Page 36 - to prove; and if he, who could portray every human passion, every subtle feeling of humanity, from the whelming tempest of love to the fiendish influences of envy and jealousy and hate; from the incomprehensible mystery of Hamlet's wondrous spirit, to the simplicity of the gentle Miranda, the dove-like innocence of Ophelia, who could be crushed by her weight of love, but not reveal it; if
Page 36 - abnegated for him. Friendship neither permits the former nor demands the latter. It influences silently, often unconsciously; perhaps its power is never known till years
Page 36 - the mighty wizard of human hearts, thought highly and beautifully of female friendship, we have his exquisite portraits of
Page 36 - herself the goddess, her lover the adorer; whereas, it is her will that must bend to his, herself
Page 3 - double zest from being shared by another. Sympathy is the magic charm of life; and a friend will both give it, and feel it, and never shrink from speaking truth, however painful, kindly indeed, but faithfully, and will infuse and receive strength by the mutual confidence of high and religious principle.
Page 36 - A girl who stands alone, without acting or feeling friendship, is generally a cold
Page iii - To show us how divine a thing A woman may be made
Page 169 - how bitterly painful is the first clouding over of youth's sweet visions, the first crushing blight of confidence and love, the first consciousness that life is not so fair and bright, nor friends so

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