Gazetteer of the Bombay Presidency, Volume 24

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Page 99 - They gird their boys with the sacred thread between eight and fourteen and marry them between fourteen and twenty, the boy as a rule paying the girl's father a sum of money. They have a caste council and settle social disputes at caste meetings. On account of the increasing use of glass and China ware, the
Page 97 - and their priests belong to their own caste. They have a caste council and settle social disputes at caste meetings under their headman. A few send their boys to school and as a class are well-to-do. Pa'tharvats, or Stone Dressers, are returned as numbering 217 and as found only in towns.
Page 83 - under their feet. No enemy can stand before them ; and the king proud of possessing these men and elephants despises and slights the neighbouring kingdoms. 4 About 1020 the Arab geographer Al Biruni mentions Marhat Des as a country to the south of the Narbada. 5 In 1320 the French friar Jordanus refers to 'the kingdom of
Page 334 - Since 1801 from which year the State dates its existence, no famine seems to have occurred except in 1876-77. The scanty and badly distributed rainfall of 1876, eight inches at Sangli compared with an average of twenty-two inches, led to failure of crops and distress amounting to famine over all the sub-divisions except
Page 20 - (Rs. 1J) the hundred cubic feet at the river side. Lime is made from limestone nodules orkankar which usually occurs on the surface of black soil fields. The nodules are irregular in shape, from half an inch to three or four inches in diameter, and composed
Page 230 - the Rani, agrees, should the Honourable Company be attacked and they should require her assistance, to provide them with what , troops they may want, they supplying them with provisions only. The Honourable Company in like manner agrees to assist the Rani should it be convenient for them.
Page 393 - This name however has been almost entirely superseded by the second designation, which is said to have been acquired by one of the family who managed to scale a fort, previously deemed impregnable, by fastening a cord round the body of a ghorpad or iguana. There are two branches of the great Ghorpada family, the
Page 418 - and concocting of powerful remedies as well as the cooking of food. Her little soft hand could best prepare the salve, weave the lint, and dress the wound. The restless lives of men were filled with war, hunting, husbandry, and handicraft. To women experience and leisure lent
Page 189 - (1 a.) for a boy or girl capable of doing work But subsequently the sliding scale, based on the price of staple food grain, fixed by the British Government, was strictly adhered to. Under this scale the wages on works under Public Works agency were, for a man the price of one pound of grain and 1 $d.
Page 75 - and sweatmeats to it, cuts a branch, lays it in a winnowing fan, and brings it home with music. He takes it to his god-room and worships it along with his family gods which are represented by betelnuts in a winnowing fan. Meanwhile five unwidowed girls wash a grindstone or

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