Technology Quarterly and Proceedings of the Society of Arts, Volume 14

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The Institute, 1901 - Industrial arts
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Vol. 8-14 include "Review of American chemical research" edited by Arthur A. Noyes.

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Page 185 - He does not consider the assumption of the existence of free ions, Arrhenius' Dissociation Theory, or even the conception of the migration of ions during electrolysis, at all necessary to explain any of the -known electrochemical phenomena. The substitute which he offers is a modified form of the time-honored Grotthus' chain hypothesis, for the details of which the reader is referred to the original articles.
Page 67 - V2O,, the latter amounting in the maximum case observed to 3.5 per cent. of the sandstone. As yet these highly vanadiferous sandstones have been found only at Placerville, where it is intended to work them for vanadium. Carnotite is associated with them in only trifling amount. Other sandstones noticed owe their bright green color to chromium. In yet another case, where the color was dull green, this was not due to either chromium or vanadium.
Page 167 - In the estimation of calcium by titration of the oxalate with permanganate, accurate results may be obtained when hydrochloric acid (with a manganous salt) is used as the solvent. Strontium salts may be precipitated by ammonium oxalate with practical completeness in a solution containing one-fifth its volume of 85 per cent, alcohol, and with approximate completeness from water solutions at a dilution not exceeding 250 cc.
Page 67 - The deposits of carnotite, though distributed over a wide area of country, are, for the most part, if not altogether, very superficial in character and of recent origin. The green coloring and cementing material of certain sandstones near Placerville.
Page 38 - Canadian boundary. The contact phenomena are described only for the northwestern border of the gabbro, which the author regards as probably intrusive, where it lies upon the Archaean, Keewatian and, especially, the quartzite, iron-bearing series, carbonaceous slate and graywacke slate of the Animikie. The metamorphism is very noticeable, and consists of a partial or complete recrystallization of the adjacent rocks. Complete recrystallization is the rule near the contact, and in places this extends...
Page 37 - The structure of the complex is briefly described, and from the evidence of its broadly elliptical outline, relations to surrounding shales, the presence of an overlying zone of metamorphosed rocks, the arrangement and serial petrographical and chemical characters of the main types, together with other minor points, it is shown that the igneous complex is probably a laccolith, and certainly a unit or integral mass of intruded magma. The component abyssal types are not due to successive injections...
Page 213 - Interchanges of heat between the steam and the walls of the cylinders, in BTU Quantities affected by the positive sign are absorbed by the cylinder walls; quantities affected by the negative sign are yielded by the walls: . . High-pressure cylinder — Brought in by steam . Q . . . During admission...
Page 37 - An explanation of this is based on a process of fractional crystallization or freezing of the magma, which is regarded as a solution, the solvent crystallizing first, is given ; and the hypothesis is applied to other cases. It is suggested that all laccoliths and similar masses of magma may be referred to at least four different types, dependent on the chemical composition of the magma as a whole, the differences between which would be satisfactorily accounted for by the hypothesis. In the opinion...
Page 49 - This grouping not only corresponds to the chemical composition, but also to the geological relations and to the present utilization and non-utilization. Among the magnetic ores the non-titaniferous are today the only ones mined and smelted and even their productiveness has decreased notably in recent years, because- of the great influx of cheap and easily reduced hematites from lake Superior. The Cornwall banks in Pennsylvania are almost the only large American magnetite mines now in active operation....

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