The New Testament in the original Greek, Volume 2

Front Cover
Fenton John Anthony Hort
Macmillan, 1907 - 618 pages

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Page 601 - All trustworthy restoration of corrupted texts is founded on the study of their history, that is, of the relations of descent or affinity which connect the several documents.
Page 621 - If comparative trivialities, such as changes of order, the insertion or omission of the article with proper names, and the like, are set aside, the words in our opinion still subject to doubt can hardly amount to more than a thousandth part of the NT" (Westcott and Hort, The NT in Greek, I.
Page 621 - But this ease and simplicity is in fact the mark of evidence too scanty to be tested ; whereas in the variety and fullness of .the evidence on which it rests the text of the New Testament stands absolutely and unapproachably alone among prose writings.

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