The Osaka Exhibition Guide Book for Tourists in Japan

Front Cover
Obun Printing Company, 1903 - Japan - 207 pages
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Page 15 - Strict examination of the luggage of passengers is made at the Custom-House, and the best way to avoid trouble and delay is to open up everything freely.
Page 20 - Its.) in weight, or 3 shnku in length, if breadth and depth arc- respectively under 5 sun (or about 6 inches). TELEGRAPHS. The Post and Telegraph Offices are generally combined in the larger towns. Telegrams in any of the principal European languages cost 5 sen per word, with a minimum charge of 25 sen (5 words or under), addresses being counted. A Telegram in Japanese of 15 kana (syllabic) characters costs 20 sen ; each additional 5 characters, or any fraction thereof, costs 5 sen, addresses of...
Page 149 - ... with the customs of the country, and which surely, under the circumstances, no sensible man of the world will condemn, he obtained an extraordinary hold over the Japanese, suspicious and intractable as they then were. Having, in 1826, accompanied to Yedo the Dutch embassy which went once during the reign of every...
Page 170 - of ear 6 6 of nose 3 9 Width of mouth 3 2 Height of bump of wisdom 9 Diameter of bump of wisdom 2 4 Curls (of which there are 830): Height 9 „ Diameter 1 Length from knee to knee ..35 8 Circumference...
Page 197 - ... minute, fun Sunday, nichiyobi Monday, getsuyobi Tuesday, kayobi Wednesday, suiyobi Thursday, mokuyobi Friday, kinyobi Saturday, doyobi January, shogatsu, ichigatsu February, nigatsu March, sangatsu April, shigatsu May, gogatsu June, rokugatsu July, shichigatsu August, hachigatsu September, hugatsu October, jugatsu November, juichigatsu December, junigatsu Spring, haru Summer, itnt.\u, Fall, aki Winter, fuyu 2.
Page 118 - Kiyomasa, who also built the keep. The eyes are of silver. One of the dolphins was sent to the Vienna Exhibition of 1873, and on its way back was wrecked in the Messageries Maritimes steamer
Page 191 - There is but' little accent in Japanese, and the best rule for the beginner is to pronounce each syllable equally and smoothly. ON AEEIVAL IN PORT.
Page 150 - The object of the kite-fliers is to cut down each other's kites with strings coated over with ground glass.
Page 16 - J longer than that of Long Measure. LAND MEASURE. The unit is the tsubo (1 ken or 6 feet square), nearly equivalent to 3.31 square metres or 4 square yards.
Page 17 - ... safety and rapidity to the different stages of a journey. It is, however, most desirable that the address should be written in Japanese as well as in the language of the sender, since celerity of delivery is thus ensured. RATES OF POSTAGE. DOMESTIC. (The Korean Ports included.) Letters: — Per 4 momnie (or J ounce) or any fraction thereof 3 sen.

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