Blackwatch Tactical Force Five: The Threat Is Met. Failure Is Not an Option.

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AuthorHouse, 2008 - Fiction - 208 pages
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June 2009
  With acts of terror on the rise worldwide devastating families, towns, cities, and destabilizing nations, the U.N. Security Council had to act swiftly.
  A resolution passed for a "request to be made, and authorization to be given to the American President to provide a VERY SPECIAL FORM OF ASSISTANCE to end the spiraling crisis in Lebanon".
  From the dust, ashes, twisted and bent steel of the World Trade Center in NYC September 11, 2001 emerged a new spirit, a new unified energy, an awakening that grabbed and shook every American, and made them realize the World was indeed a very dangerous place.
  Armed with information, technology, and communication provided at lightning speed through the internet, terror organizations had formed alliances and were now attacking "us".
  It was clear America needed a change, a new breed of leader, a new breed of warrior, a new champion of the faithful.
  As history has proven time and time again, Americans are at their best when "times seem to be at their worst". When we're sucker-punched or blind-sided, we respond collectively as one. It is in those moments that we are born again. It starts individually, then collectively. It is at those precise moments that "We the people" have made our greatest leaps and evolved to become the Nation we are.
  9-11-2001 was such a moment. When the U.N. Security Council passed the resolution requesting and authorizing the American President to provide a "VERY SPECIAL FORM OF ASSISTANCE", America's new breed of leader and warriors had emerged. America's First Woman President Caroline E. Smith gave the order for the Men and Women of BLACKWATCH TACTICAL FORCE FIVE to do what they had been trained to do.
  The World would never be the same again. "Justice would be served!" 


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Chapter One Red One Red One Silverfox One
Chapter Two The Team
Chapter Three Execute
Chapter Four Bravo 4 Debrief Hostage RescueAssault
Chapter Five Alpha 1 Delta Force Debrief
Chapter Six Seal Team 7 Debrief
Chapter Seven Special Small Boat 4 S S B 4 Debrief
Chapter Eight Bird Dog One Tactical Helo Arm Debrief
Chapter Fourteen Arabian Knights
Chapter Fifteen Armageddon
Chapter Sixteen Judgment Day
Chapter Seventeen The Assessment
Chapter Eighteen The Presidents Brief
Chapter Nineteen The World United
Chapter Twenty The Terror World
Chapter Twentyone The Order

Chapter Nine Snake Strike 6 Tactical Fast Movers Debrief
Chapter Eleven Ghost Viper 4 Debrief
Chapter Thirteen The Rogues

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