Handbook for Travellers in Norway

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J. Murray, 1880 - Norway - 329 pages
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Page 151 - Solitude also is invaluable; for who would speak, or be looked on, when behind him lies all Europe and Africa, fast asleep, except the watchmen; and before him the silent Immensity, and Palace of the Eternal, whereof our Sun is but a porch-lamp?
Page 151 - The headlands of this deeply indented coast — the capes of the Laxe and Porsanger Fjords, and of Mageroe — lay around us, in different degrees of distance, but all with foreheads touched with supernatural glory. Far to the northeast was Nordkyn, the most northern point of the mainland of Europe, gleaming rosily and faint in the full beams of the sun, and just as our watches denoted midnight the North...
Page 9 - Two First, Class Hotels offer special comfort to English and American Travellers, who will find them most desirable residences. Charges moderate. Deservedly recommended. English and American Newspapers. Baths. Carriages. Omnibus at the Station.
Page 45 - Suppers ā la carte. Exchange Office. Correspondent of the principal Banking-houses of London for the payment of Circular Notes and Letters of Credit. Omnibuses of the Hotel to and from each Train.
Page 151 - The sea was a web of pale slate ,colour, shot through and through with threads of orange and saffron, from the dance of a myriad shifting and twinkling ripples. The air was filled and permeated with...
Page 151 - Far to the north, the sun lay in a bed of saffron light over the clear horizon of the Arctic Ocean. A few bars of dazzling orange cloud floated above him, and still higher in the sky, where the saffron melted through delicate rose-color into blue, hung light wreaths of vapor, touched with pearly, opaline flushes of pink and golden gray.
Page 77 - ... dollars (30/.). is entitled to elect and to be elected : but for this last privilege, he must be not under thirty years of age, must have resided for ten years in Norway, and must neither be in any department of the state or court, nor...
Page 43 - V_T magnificent Hotel is now one of the first in the town. It is managed in the same style as the largest and best hotels on the Continent. By its exceptional situation, the house presents three...
Page 45 - HOTEL DE L'OURS. ME. W. KLUMPP, РВОРВГВТОВ. THIS First-class Hotel, containing 45 Saloons and 235 Bed-rooms, with a separate Breakfast and new Reading and Conversation Rooms, as well as a Smoking Saloon, and a very extensive and elegant Dining Room ; an artificial Garden over the river ; is situated opposite the Bath and Conversation House, and in the immediate vicinity of the Promenade.
Page 10 - ... part of the price paid by the purchaser, who, of course, must pay indirectly this remuneration by a high price and a bad article. Another kind of imposition is practised in almost every hotel in Cologne, where waiters, commissioners, &c., offer to strangers Eau de Cologne, pretending that it is the genuine one, and that I delivered it to them for the purpose of selling it for my account. The only certain way to get in Cologne my genuine article...

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