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I have not read Steven Mithen's book, but I have ordered it and look forward to reading it. The higher math centers of the brain have survived 200, 000 years but higher math has a history that is much shorter. The faculty for higher math could not have been dormant for all that time and conferred no benefit to mankind, and still be passed along from generation to generation until it was awakened by Newton's Method of Fluxions or ancient geometry and as for arithmetic and basic number sense, that activity is in a different part of the brain, and it seems counting to three, without use of fingers and toes, was all that mankind required until he required a base number system, which was never base 10 until relatively recently. So what was going on? Music and learning other hominid methods of communicating, must have had something to do with this. I think it was primarily dance and drumming that placed what we call the higher math center front and center as essential to survival. When we are born, we are polyglot Einsteins, but our during our education we unlearn much of what nature endowed us with. I look forward to a good experience and will report back.  

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