A Family Flight Through Mexico

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D. Lothrop & Company [1886], 1893 - Adventure stories - 301 pages
The eminent clergyman and his daughter used their family travels to write a fictionalized account for young people of a trip to Mexico.

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Page 301 - Till they perish and they suffer — some, 'tis whispered — down in hell Suffer endless anguish, others in Elysian valleys dwell, Resting weary limbs at last on beds of asphodel. Surely, surely, slumber is more sweet than toil, the shore Than labor in the deep mid-ocean, wind and wave and oar ; O rest ye, brother mariners, we will not wander more. A DREAM OF FAIR WOMEN. I READ, before my eyelids dropt their shade, " The Legend of Good Women" long ago Sung by the morning star of song, who made His...
Page 225 - I have done all I could to defend myself and my people. I am now reduced to this state. Deal with me, Malinche, as you will.
Page 92 - Burma had made a grant in favour of Messrs Halliday Fox and Co. and Dr. Marfels, a German physician, residing at Mandalay, for the construction of a railway and telegraph line from the city of Mandalay to the frontier of China. The...
Page 297 - Horner, as by the elder Bodleys, after the last of the trips, that the young people were fitted by travel and careful education to take their own places in life, and with a tolerable knowledge of other countries, capable of becoming good citizens of their own. While these books did not achieve the wide popularity of the " Zigzag " and " Bodley " books, either because of some lack of advertising or contagion of best-sellerdom, those children who were given any " Family Flight " stories remember them...
Page 173 - Feb. 21, 1798. He first came into public notice in 1821 in the war of independence ; and in 1822, having expelled the royalists from Vera Cruz, he was appointed to the command of that city. In November of that year he was deposed by Iturbide, who had proclaimed himself emperor ; but Santa Anna refused to submit to his authority, raised the banner of the republic in Vera Cruz, and in 1823 succeeded in compassing his downfall.
Page 117 - ... write, and to chant, The children of the poorer natives were brought together in the court-yard, and instructed there in the Christian faith. After our teaching, one or two brethren took the pupils to some neighboring teocatR, and, by working at it for a few days, they levelled it to the ground.
Page 53 - Francisco Pizarro having conquered Peru. Diego de Almagro, one of his lieutenants, was dispatched with an army to the south to explore the country and take possession of it in the name of the King of Spain. He crossed the desert, which is now the great nitrate district, and after considerable difficulty managed to advance as far as the River Maule. There, however, he encountered the warlike Indian tribe of Araucanians and was obliged to retreat. Another expedition was sent by Pizarro in the year...
Page 204 - The whole is said to represent a period of 8,000 years, and was " sacred to the sun as the great creative power, to the year as the producer of the rains, and to the maximum period of...
Page 182 - Spanish weapons were in front, they who fell were instantly replaced, and the masses seemed to suffer no diminution. Cortes at length resolved to employ Montezuma, authorizing him, in addressing the multitudes from the walls, to tell them, that if a way were opened for their safe departure, they would at once avail themselves of it. Dressed in his imperial robes, he ascended a turret, and for a moment, as soon as he was seen, the tumult was hushed ; but suddenly it broke forth with greater violence...
Page 114 - The lovely climate, neither too hot nor too cold, the picturesque people, the flowers, so luxuriant even in this autumn of the Mexican year, made up a bundle of pleasures not always found in travelling.

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