Report of the Special Agents of the House Committee ... Upon the Condition of the Fur Seal Herd of Alaska and the Conduct of the Public Business on the Pribiloff Islands

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Page 124 - States may be seized and detained by the naval or other duly commissioned officers of either of the High Contracting Parties, but they shall be handed over as soon as practicable to the authorities of the nation to which they respectively belong, who shall alone have jurisdiction to try the offense and impose the penalties for the same.
Page 87 - That it will also furnish to the said inhabitants 80 tons of coal annually and a sufficient number of comfortable dwellings in which said native inhabitants may reside, and will keep said dwellings in proper repair; and will also provide and keep in repair such suitable schoolhouses as may be necessary, and will establish and maintain during eight months of each year proper schools for the education of the children on said islands, the same to be taught by competent teachers, who shall be paid by...
Page 124 - Sea and on the shores and islands thereof, the property of the United States (in excess of 7,500 to be taken on the islands for the subsistence and care of the natives), and will promptly use its best efforts to insure the observance of this prohibition by United States citizens and vessels.
Page 124 - For the purpose of avoiding irritating differences and with a view to promote the friendly settlement of the questions pending between the two governments touching their respective rights in...
Page 89 - The legislative power of Guam shall extend to all subjects of legislation of local application not inconsistent with the provisions of this Act and the laws of the United States applicable to Guam.
Page 138 - I do not know whether I ought to. If you think it proper and will serve as a useful side light. I venture to ask that you see Mr. Hay and talk it over with him, for, really, the more I think of it the more I am inclined to believe that Sir Michael can easily do again what his distinguished predecessor did in the premises, and for which action he was highly rewarded by his Government, in spite of the bitter opposition cif the Canadians.
Page 124 - In order to facilitate such proper inquiries as Her Majesty's Government may desire to make with a view to the presentation of the case...
Page 27 - September they are all familiar, more or less, with the exercise. " "Tenth. That by the middle of September the rookeries are entirely broken up ; confused, straggling bands of females are seen among the bachelors, pups, and small squads of old males, crossing and recrossing the ground in an aimless, listless manner. The season now is over. " " Eleventh. That many of the seals do not leave these grounds of St. Paul and St. George before the end of December, and some remain even as late as the...
Page 27 - The younger males go with the others. Many of the pups still range about the islands, but are not hauled to any great extent on the beaches or the flats. They seem to prefer the rocky shore margin and to lie as high up as they can get on such bluffy rookeries as Tolstoi and the Reef. By the end of this month (November) they are as a rule all gone.
Page 39 - ... are left to propagate the species. It follows that only the old seals are left, while if any of the bachelors are left alive in the autumn they are sure to be killed the next spring. The consequence is the number of seals obtained diminishes every year, and it is certain that the species will in time become extinct.

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