The Heart Line: A Drama of San Francisco

Front Cover
Bobbs-Merrill Company, 1907 - San Francisco (Calif.) - 584 pages
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Page 14 - O long-suffering - yes, as the Lord must know, Year after year in the mist and the wind and the shower and the snow. Heard, have you? what? they have told you he never repented his sin. How do they know it? are they his mother? are you of his kin?
Page 121 - Dailey, the star eater of the Palace Hotel — he used to have four canvas-back ducks cooked, selected one and used only the juice from the others; he ordered soup at a dollar a plate; and he had a happy way of buying a case of champagne with each meal, drinking only the top glass from each bottle.
Page 474 - MHAVE a father in the promised land, I have a father in the promised land. My Father calls me, I must go To meet Him in the promised land.
Page 335 - Thy neck is as a tower of ivory; thine eyes like the fishpools in Heshbon, by the gate of Bathrabbim: thy nose is as the tower of Lebanon which looketh toward Damascus.
Page 247 - O'Farrell bound the city that was to be forever to a gridiron of rightangled streets and blocks of parallelograms. He knew no compromise. His streets took their straight and narrow way, up hill and down dale, without regard to grade or expense. Unswerving was their rectitude. Their angles were exactly ninety degrees of his compass, north and south, east and west. Where might have been entrancingly beautiful terraces, rising avenue above avenue to the heights, preserving the master view of the continent,...
Page 285 - Secrecy still, Eily ?' said the clergyman, rising from his seat, and walking up and down the room with his hands behind his back, and a severe expression returning to his eye.
Page 423 - The way of life is straight like the grooves of launching," quoth the man. "And if I am to be hanged let me be hanged." "Why!" cried the Earl, "will you set your neck against a shoe of a horse, and it rusty?" 'In my thought," said the man, "one thing is as good as another in this world; and a shoe of a horse will do." 'This can never be," thought the Earl; and he stood and looked upon the man, and bit his beard. And the man looked up at him and smiled. "It was so my fathers did in the ancient ages,"...
Page 268 - Look, Mimi," he said. "We haven't got time to do this. We haven't got time to get into a fight and say a lot of things we don't mean. Everything's all — all speeded up, now. There's no time left for this." "Oh, I know," she said. "Oh, Steve, don't I know!" She went over and sat on the arm of his chair and buried her face in his shoulder. "This is more like it,
Page 336 - Gilead ; 6 Thy teeth are like a flock of sheep, Which come up from the washing-pool; All of which are paired, And not one among them is bereaved.
Page 136 - A few come back to breathe again the stimulating air of California, to see with new eyes its fresh, vivid color, its poetry, its romance. To have gone East and to have returned without abject failure is here, in the eyes of the vulgar, Art's patent of nobility. Of those who have been content to linger peaceably in the land of the lotus, some are earls without coronets, but one and all share a fierce, hot, passionate love of the soil. San Francisco has become a fetish, a cult. Under its blue skies...

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