Panama, and other poems

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Page 66 - The map of Eastern Europe," said Mr Asquith, the British Premier (Nov. 9), "has to be recast, and... the victors are not to be robbed of the fruits which have cost them so dear.
Page 157 - Mr. Phillips is a poet, one of the half-dozen men of the younger generation, whose writings contain the indefinable quality which makes for permanence.
Page 160 - A thing of exquisite poetic form, yet tingling from first to last with intense dramatic life. Mr. Phillips has achieved the impossible. Sardou could not have ordered the action more skilfully, Tennyson could not have clothed the passion in words of purer loveliness.
Page 97 - REVENGE FOR RHEIMS THOU Permanence amid all things that pass ! Unchanging thought amid the drift of change ; Thou Rally of the Soul in days of dross. How art Thou fallen! Thou Prayer, that ever-rising, yet remained, That for seven hundred years didst sing and soar, Spirit with wings outspread tip-toe on earth, How art Thou fallen! Thou Vision frozen, and Thou Sigh transfixed; Thou Camp of dreams, Thou Fort of faith unstormed, Time-worn, yet wearying t'ward Eternity, How art Thou fallen! Thou wast...
Page 158 - It is a grateful task to discover in the new volume many indications of that truly poetic insight, that vigorous expression of idea, that sense of literary power and mastery which have already made Mr. Stephen Phillips famous. . . . There is a...
Page 48 - Now all those tumbled cities are re-risen, The grass re-blows o'er all his battle-fields. And verdure greener from that crimson blood. A name, a haunting face, and there an end! An arch triumphal, and a golden tomb! The earth no single scar from him retains. But thou, O King, all hail! Thou enterest Into a kingdom dearer bought than these; More surely stablished with a grander toil.
Page 96 - ... sudden a dry land caught fire like grass, And answer hurtled but from shell and steel. He looked for silence but a thunder came; Upon him from Liege a leaden hail ! All Belgium flew up at his throat in flame, Till at her gates amazed his legions quail ! Take heed, for now on haunted ground thy tread, There bowed a mightier War-Lord to his fall ; Fear!
Page 160 - This play is a remarkable achievement, both as a whole and in its parts. It abounds in beautiful passages and beautiful phrases. A man who can write like this is clearly a force to be reckoned with." Mr. OWEN SEAMAN in Morning Post. — " Mr. Phillips has written a great dramatic poem which happens also to be a great poetic drama. We are justified in speaking of Mr. Phillips's achievement as something without parallel in our age.
Page 50 - ... heavy to thy hand ? Or heavy is that orb upon thy brows ? Think to what memories that weight is owed! Since first in furious ferment there was wrought, On Senlac hill that mighty blend of blood, That fortunate world-vintage of the West. Remember those French fields; the Armada's pride Scattered, and tossed upon the Irish shore; Then Cromwell, master first of the cold seas.
Page 55 - Shut be our harbours, closed be every port, And from our shore be every alien turned !" Yet while the clamour and pursuit is hot, And public anger public madness breeds, Be it not soon nor easily forgot That England thus an ancient title cedes. For centuries a pillow hath she spread For all that widowed goes, and wandering; And in her lap hath laid the unhappy head Of broken statesman, and of outcast King.

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