Hudibras, in Three Parts: Written in the Time of the Late Wars, Volume 2

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Robert and Andrew Foulis, 1774 - English poetry - 476 pages
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Page 306 - O' th' compass in their bones and joints, Can by their pangs and aches find All turns and changes of the wind, And better than by Napier's bones Feel in their own the age of moons...
Page 407 - Dunscotus was a very learned man, who lived about the end of the thirteenth and beginning of the fourteenth century. The English and Scots strive which of them shall have the honour of his birth.
Page 269 - Turn'd pale as ashes, or a clout ; But why, or wherefore, is a doubt : For men will tremble, and turn paler, With too much or too little valour.
Page 277 - Compar'd with th' angels of us men. Quoth he, I am resolVd to be Thy scholar in this mystery ; And therefore first desire to know Some principles on which you go. What makes a knave a child of God, And one of us ? — A livelihood.
Page 350 - To th' course of nature, but its own : The courage of the bravest daunt, And turn poltroons as valiant : For men as resolute appear, With too much as too little fear ; And, when they're out of hopes of flying, Will run away from death by dying ; Or turn again to stand it out, And those they fled, like lions, rout. This...
Page 240 - For most men carry things so even Between this world, and hell, and heaven ; Without the least offence to either, They freely deal in all together; And equally abhor to quit This world for both, or both for it ; And when they pawn and damn their souls, They are but prisoners on paroles.'
Page 357 - For those that fly may fight again, Which he can never do that's slain. Hence timely running's no mean part Of conduct, in the martial art...
Page 298 - The more, the more their foes divided. For though outnumber'd, overthrown, And by the fate of war run down, Their duty never was defeated, Nor from their oaths and faith retreated : For loyalty is still the same Whether it win or lose the game ; True as the dial to the sun, Although it be not shin'd upon.
Page 249 - Turn'd th' outside of his eyes to white (As men of inward light are wont To turn their optics in upon 't...
Page 384 - But when the devil turns confeflbr, Truth is a crime, he takes no pleafure To hear or pardon, like the founder Of liars, whom they all claim under, I * J And therefore, when I told him none, I think it was the wifer done.

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