Science Abstracts: Electrical engineering abstracts, Volume 10

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Institution of Electrical Engineers., 1907 - Electric engineering
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Page 193 - That chemical composition, except in so far as it affects the structure of the scale, has no direct influence on its heat-transmitting qualities.
Page 270 - It has been so clear on every point that every one present has been thoroughly carried along with the author. For myself the subject is one of extreme interest. I have never swerved from the opinion that the right system for longdistance transmission of power by electricity is the direct-current system.
Page 194 - AND PAYMENT.* Payment will be made on the basis of the price named in the proposal for the coal specified therein, corrected for variations in heating value and ash, as shown by analysis, above and below the standard established by contractor in this proposal.
Page 65 - Hard-drawn copper is denned as that which will not elongate more than 1 per cent, without fracture.
Page 90 - ... with the free end of the bent transmitting antenna pointing directly away from the receiver and the current when the transmitting antenna had any other assigned azimuth. In the first set of experiments the sending antenna consisted of a double copper wire 20 feet in length having at the free end a terminal capacity plate, the wire being bent over at various heights from the ground or earthed end, so as to make a bent antenna with 1 foot vertical and 19 feet horizontal, 2 feet vertical and 18...
Page 554 - Some tests carried out on loaded lines led to an interesting method of ascertaining the highest important frequency in articulate speech. If the spacing, ie, distance apart, of loading coils is increased, and, at the same time, the amount of inductance per mile inserted is unchanged, the attenuation-constant also increases gradually, and at one particular spacing increases to an enormous extent.
Page 248 - ... highest possible limit, and vice versa. Departures from condition (2) lead to a distortion in the proportions of bore and stroke. When the value of n is increased it pays to build long-stroke engines ; when the value of n is decreased the short-stroke engine has the advantage. So long as the value of n is chosen between the limits given, it is doubtful whether a designer could obtain any material advantage by adopting extreme proportions.
Page 490 - ... resistance upon a level tangent, or, as we may phrase it, the level tangent resistance. It is possible and probable that an attempt should be made to determine speeds with greater precision than has been done in most dynamometer cars. CONCLUSIONS. In conclusion your Committee is desirous of making the following recommendations : (1) That each company conduct its own experiments for train resistance. (2) For the present for such experiments the dynamometer method shall be used, and the resistance...
Page 248 - ... being explicable, in part at least, by the rapid removal of fluid from the blood by the alvine evacuations. The condition of the kidneys modifies the quantity of urine as well as its proportion of solids. Much depends upon the condition of the nervous system; vaso-motor disturbances being productive of an increase or decrease, as the case may be, in the amount of excreted urine. Thus, we have a condition of hydruria, or an excessive amount of watery secretion from the kidneys, in cases of diabetes...
Page 527 - If the two motors are wound for the same number of poles, and have the same electrical characteristics, the maximum energy current which they will take from the line when connected in cascade will be a little less than half that taken by one motor when working independently.

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