Die Lehre von den Staatenverbindungen

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A. Hölder, 1882 - Federal government - 319 pages

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Page 196 - Upon the demand of any three States, legally assembled in their several Conventions, the Congress shall summon a Convention of all the States, to take into consideration such amendments to the Constitution as the said States shall concur in suggesting at the time when the said demand Is made...
Page 283 - From this spirit it happens that in every political association which is formed upon the principle of uniting in a common interest a number of lesser sovereignties, there will be found a kind of eccentric tendency in the subordinate or inferior orbs, by the operation of which there will be a perpetual effort in each to fly off from the common centre.
Page 153 - They have been uniformly treated as a State from the settlement of our country. The numerous treaties made with them by the United States recognize them as a people capable of maintaining the relations of peace and war, of being responsible in their political character for any violation of their engagements, or for any aggression committed on the citizens of the United States by any individual of their community.
Page 276 - However gross a heresy it may be to maintain that a party to a compact has a right to revoke that compact, the doctrine itself has had respectable advocates. The possibility of a question of this nature proves the necessity of laying the foundations of our national government deeper than in the mere sanction of delegated authority. The fabric of American empire ought to rest on the solid basis of THE CONSENT OF THE PEOPLE.
Page 281 - The Union is older than any of the States, and, in fact, it created them as States. Originally some dependent colonies made the Union, and in turn the Union threw off their old dependence for them and made them States, such as they are. Not one of them ever had a State constitution independent of the Union.
Page 174 - The said States hereby severally enter into a firm league of friendship with each other, for their common defence, the security of their liberties, and their mutual and general welfare, binding themselves to assist each other, against all force offered to, or attacks made upon them, or any of them, on account of religion, sovereignty, trade, or any other pretence whatever.
Page 281 - Our States have neither more nor less power than that reserved to them in the Union by the Constitution, no one of them ever having been a State out of the Union.
Page 307 - Art. 6. Die Kantone sind verpflichtet, für ihre Verfassungen die Gewährleistung des Bundes nachzusuchen. Der Bund übernimmt diese Gewährleistung insofern: a) sie nichts den Vorschriften der Bundesverfassung Zuwiderlaufendes enthalten; b) sie die Ausübung der politischen Rechte nach republikanischen — repräsentativen oder demokratischen — Formen sichern; c) sie vom Volke angenommen worden sind und revidiert werden können, wenn die absolute Mehrheit der Bürger es verlangt.
Page 45 - States declares that congress shall have power to dispose of, and make all needful rules and regulations respecting, the territory and other property belonging to the United States.
Page 193 - There is no difficulty in understanding how powers, appertaining to sovereignty, may be divided ; and the exercise of one portion delegated to one set of agents, and another portion to another: or how sovereignty may be vested in one man, or in a few, or in many.

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