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American Society of Mechanical Engineers., 1921 - Machinery
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Page 160 - Philadelphia, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. Portland, Ore. Rochester, NY St. Louis, Mo. Salt Lake City, Utah San Francisco. Cal. Seattle, Wash. Syracuse, NY Tucson, Ariz.
Page 18 - Miami, Fla. Minneapolis, Minn. Montpelier, Vt. Nashville, Tenn. New Orleans, La. New York, NY Oklahoma City, Okla. Omaha, Nebr. Philadelphia, Pa. Phoenix, Ariz. Pittsburgh, Pa. Portland, Oreg. Providence, RI Richmond, Va.
Page 26 - The steam issues from an expanding nozzle at high velocity and enters the side of the wheel bucket in which its direction is reversed 180. As this single reversal uses but a portion of the available energy, the steam is caught in a stationary reversing chamber and returned again to the wheel. This process is repeated several times until practically all of the useful energy has been utilized.
Page 18 - Boston, Mass. Buffalo, NY Butte, Mont. Charleston. W. Va. Charlotte, NC Chattanooga, Tenn. Chicago, 111. Cincinnati, Ohio Cleveland, Ohio Columbus. Ohio Dayton, Ohio Denver, Colo.
Page 143 - ... own laboratory. We-Fu-Go System — (Intermittent): In this system definite quantities of water are treated, therefore accuracy of treatment can be maintained and uniform water obtained regardless of variations in quality of raw water or rate of use. Consists essentially of two or more reaction and settling tanks, which also act as storage tanks, fitted with mechanical stirring devices operated by power, a small reagent mixing tank, means for introducing the reagents into the reaction tanks,...
Page 228 - The result is a pipe that does not leak and a joint that will remain tight under pressure even up to 300 pounds. High Pressure Service: Universal Pipe is especially adapted to high pressure service, and particularly for high pressure fire lines. There is no packing to blow out, nothing to deteriorate. Subaqueous Work: Lines running under rivers or submerged work of any kind can be easily and economically constructed by the use of Universal Pipe. No molten lead required, the pipe can be laid in wet...
Page 18 - Los Angeles, Cal. Louisville, Ky. Memphis, Tenn. Milwaukee, Wis. Minneapolis, Minn. Nashville, Tenn. New Haven, Conn. New Orleans, La. New York, NY Niagara Falls, NY Omaha, Neb.
Page 358 - BOWDEN WIRE MECHANISM: Consists mainly of two parts, a closely coiled and practically incompressible spiral wire forming a FLEXIBLE TUBE termed the OUTER MEMBER and a practically inextensible wire cable threaded through the above and termed the INNER MEMBER. What It Does: The Bowden Wire Mechanism dispenses with complicated angle rods, levers, etc., while enabling a BACK and FORTH motion to be transmitted regardless of curves or direction. It is complete when the inner member is anchored to the operating...
Page 69 - The pressure parts of the boiler are shipped in a knocked-down condition, making it possible to install it without cutting through walls and floors in locations that would be wholly inaccessible for almost any other type of boiler. If boilers are to be exported, the cross drum boiler can be handled at much less expense by steamship companies on account of its reduced bulk in a knockeddown condition, and the comparatively small weight of the heaviest piece.
Page 332 - A body fastened to the shaft carries a split ring in which are inserted a pair of levers. A curve-shaped wedge, which is made part of a shipper sleeve, forces the levers apart, expanding the ring, bringing its outer surface into frictional contact with the inner surface of the friction cup, the hub of which is made to suit requirements. The leverage is so compounded that it requires but little pressure to operate the Clutch.

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