The British Chess Magazine, Volume 16

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Trubner & Company, 1896 - Chess

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Page 418 - turn to play he must retract it, and after his adversary has moved must play the man wrongly moved, if it can be played legally.
Page 470 - as follows :— A player may at any time call upon his adversary to mate him within fifty moves (move and reply being counted as one). If at the expiration of such fifty moves no
Page 296 - the time fixed for adjournment, the player whose turn it is to move must deliver his next move in writing, in a closed envelope, to the
Page 419 - counted as one). If by the expiration of such fifty moves no piece or Pawn has been captured, nor Pawn moved, nor mate given, a
Page 64 - But be this as it may, there can be no doubt that,
Page 470 - the expiration of such fifty moves no Piece or Pawn has been captured, nor Pawn moved, nor mate given,
Page 418 - touched can be neither moved nor taken, the player must move his King (but not Castle), if the King is then legally movable. If it is not the player's turn to play when he touches a man, then this rule applies to his move next following. 7. —But the foregoing, notwithstanding a
Page 299 - developed—with the difference in favour of his adversary. The piece does not come into real account at all ; and often might better have no existence. Generally speaking, the first great object of the player receiving Rook or Knight odds should be—to Castle.
Page 447 - election of officers for the ensuing year resulted as follows: president, Mr.
Page 348 - merits of the game. The same as to how he should continue. There is the ' style ' of his opponent ; how far (if at all) a given defence may have succeeded ; the ordinary necessity for variation in

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