A struggle for fame, Volume 1

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Page 293 - The patronizing air of his people nettled him — caused him to reflect somewhat bitterly that "a prophet is not without honour save in his own country.
Page 5 - ... the conclusion that none save those interested in the realization of an idea are in a position to bring it about and that if one found himself the unhappy possessor of an unpopular conviction, there was nothing for it but to think as clearly as he was able and be in a position to serve his country as soon as it was possible for him to do so. But with or without the help of good books a hideous sensitiveness remained, for the pacifist, like the rest of the world, has developed a high degree of...
Page 85 - ... a bare and marshy shore/ where, doubtless, the ' hollow-sounding , cry of the bittern from its reedy nest has often broke upon the ear of the half-naked, but gaily ornamented, human wanderer from the neighbouring City of Mists., Nature h ad made Mr.
Page 257 - I love you. I want to marry you . . . will you marry me?
Page 87 - Vassett,s ideas were modest, his notions perhaps a little oldfashioned, his views somewhat circumscribed. He was doing a very safe trade, and stood very well. If he could not claim to be a Murray, no one could speak of him as a disciple of the Minerva Press.
Page 106 - The author did not live who could with any truth say that on the occasion of his first interview Mr. Vassett had seemed glad to see him.
Page 147 - FREDA (Angering fast): Who do you think you're talking to? ABE: I'm telling you something. I meet all kinds in my business. FREDA: So do I. ABE: What you get all outta joint about? I never saw you before and you never saw me before.
Page 188 - The girl went out of the room, closing the door behind her ; there was a moment,s lull, then, just as Mr.
Page 236 - I do not care whether you do or not, if you will only send me a good wedge of the wedding-cake.
Page 219 - ... brought a colour to her cheeks and a light to her eyes, and made her happy and cheerful at home — merry she could not be in his presence.

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