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The essays in this collection provide detailed information on a variety of aspects of Hittite history and culture. The table of contents includes:
Excavations in Hittite Heartlands: Recent
Investigations in Late Bronze Age Anatolia by K.A. Yener
The Storm-God at 'Ain Dara by R.L. Alexander
Formation of the West Hurrian Pantheon: The Case of Ishara by A. Archi
Babyloniaca Hethitica: The "babilili-Ritual" from Bogazkoy by Gary Beckman
Bearded or Beardless? Some Speculations on the Function of the Beard among the Hittites by H. Haroutunian
Hittite Seals and Sealings from the Nisantepe Archive, Bogazkoy: A Prosopographical Study by S. Herbordt
The Treatment and Long-Term Use of Persons Captured in Battle according to the Masat Texts by H.A. Hoffner, Jr.
Tombs and Memorials: The (Divine) Stone-House and Hegur Reconsidered by T. Van den Hout
Palaces and Local Communities in Some Hittite Provincial Seats by F. Imparati
Problems in Hittite History, Solved and Unsolved by H. Klengel
Gaburkalesi: Investigations at a Hittite Sacred Place by S. Lumsden
Comparative Observations on Hittite Rituals by G. McMahon
Tarhuntassa in the SUDBURG Hieroglyphic Inscription by H.C. Melchert
Kusakli-Sarissa: A Hittite Town in the "Upper Land" by A. Muller-Karpe
Ortakoy-Sapinuwa by A. Suel
Homer and Hittite Revisited II by C. Watkins
The "Hittites" at 'Ain Dara by P. Zimansky
New Directions in the Study of Early Anatolian Texts by H.A. Hoffner Jr.
A fascinating collection by many well-known academicians, helping to flesh out the history and culture of the long-extinct Hittites. It includes excellent black and white photographs and maps, an index of Hittite and other ancient Near Eastern texts referred to in various articles, as well as an index of ancient and modern place names.

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