History of the Reformed Religion in France, Volume 2

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Harper & brothers, 1834 - France
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Page 52 - French make, now seals and words of princes being traps to catch innocents and bring them to the butchery ? If the admiral and all those murdered on that bloody Bartholomew day were guilty, why were they not apprehended, imprisoned, interrogated, and judged, but so much made of as might be, within two hours of the...
Page 47 - ... the king's own conscience (so com" mon a companion is fear with tyranny) made him to re" pute all those of the religion, as well at home as abroad, " his enemies ; and so, consequently, not to wish one of
Page 52 - Is that the manner to handle men either culpable or suspected ? So is the journeyer slain by the robber ; so is the hen of the fox ; so is the hind of the lion ; so Abel of Cain ; so the innocent of the wicked ; so Abner of Joab. But grant they were guilty — they...
Page 35 - Massacre was first announced at Rome, the Vatican gave loose to unbounded joy. The Pope and Cardinals proceeded at once, from the Conclave in which the King's despatches had been read, to offer thanks, before the Altar, for the great blessing which Heaven had vouchsafed to the Romish See and to all Christendom. Salvoes of artillery thundered at nightfall from the ramparts of St. Angelo ; the streets were illuminated; and no victory ever achieved by the arms of the Pontificate elicited more tokens...
Page 35 - Angelo ; the streets were illuminated ; and no victory ever achieved by the arms of the pontificate elicited more tokens of festivity. The pope also, as if resolved that an indestructible evidence of the perversion of moral feeling which fanaticism necessarily generates should be transmitted to posterity, gave orders for the execution of a commemorative medal. He had already been anticipated in Paris; and the effigies of Gregory XIII. and of Charles IX. may still be seen in numismatic cabinets, connected...
Page 52 - What is done yet we have not heard, but I think shortly we shall hear. Will God, think you, still sleep ? Will not their blood ask vengeance ? Shall not the earth be accursed that hath sucked up the innocent blood poured out like water upon it?
Page 81 - ... les rompant et tirant avec les doigts on les voyoit glutineux ; et ainsi on les fricassoit comme tripes , ou bien on les apprestoit avec herbes et espices en fašon de hochepot ; mesmes les soldats par les corps de garde , et autres par la ville, les...
Page 265 - I will maintain that my quarrel is more just than that of the League, that I am a better man than yourself, and that my mistress is the greater beauty.
Page 183 - hath commanded to be made for your majesty an exceed" ing, marvellous, princely coach. And to be provided four " of the fairest moiles which are to be had, for to carry " your highness's litter. The king hath been moved to " shew himself in this sort grateful to your majesty on the " receiving those dogs, and other singularities you were " lately pleased to send unto him, for his falconer.
Page 143 - And as for their method in preaching and handling the Scriptures, the said ministers shall be exhorted not to dwell long upon a text, but to expound and treat of as many in their ministry as they can, fleeing all ostentation and long digressions, and heaping up of parallel places and quotations ; nor ought they to propound divers senses and expositions, nor to allege, unless very rarely and prudently, any passage of the Fathers ; nor shall they cite profane authors and stories, that so the Scriptures...

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