Review: The Cater Street Hangman

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Anne Perry introduces us to a world of illusions, secrets, and mysteries. This novel is set in Victorian England among London's upper middle class. It's the first novel featuring Charlotte Ellison and Thomas Pitt. The story begins when the daughter of a welltodo family is murdered. As an isolated incident in a staid, suburban neighborhood, it doesn't cause more than a ripple of interest in ... Read full review

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This is the first book in the CHARLOTTE AND THOMAS PITT series of Victorian murder mysteries. Highly recommended. Among my criticisms are that the emotions of the characters are often glossed over when they should be explored and examined in minute detail when they are of little interest. Also, I find the romance between the two main characters completely unbelievable, but I must admit that I am a mystery fan and not not a romance fan, so I may be missing something.
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