San Francisco's Great Disaster: A Full Account of the Recent Terrible Destruction of Life and Property by Earthquake, Fire and Volcano in California and at Vesuvius ...

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P. W. Ziegler Company, 1906 - Earthquakes - 424 pages

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Page 413 - The court which led to his apartment being now almost filled with stones and ashes, if he had continued there any time longer it would have been impossible for him to have made his way out. So he was awakened and got up, and went to Pomponianus and the rest of the company, who were
Page 417 - ashes rained upon us, which we were obliged every now and then to stand up to shake off, otherwise we should have been crushed and buried in the heap. "At last this dreadful darkness was dissipated by degrees, like a cloud of smoke ; the real day returned, and even the sun
Page 414 - As soon as it was light again, which was not till the third day after this melancholy accident, his body was found entire, and without any marks of violence upon it, in the dress in which he fell, and looking more like a man asleep than dead.
Page 354 - and lying along by their heaps of what they could save from the fire, deploring their losse, and tho' ready to perish for hunger and destitution, yet not asking one penny for reliefe, which to me appear'da stranger sight than any I had yet beheld.
Page 410 - It is with extreme willingness, therefore, that I execute your commands, and should indeed have demanded the task if you had not enjoined it. He was at that time with the fleet under his command at Misenum. On the 24th of August, about
Page 413 - company, who were feeling too anxious to think of going to bed. "They went out then, having pillows tied upon their heads with napkins, and this was their whole defense against the storm of stones that fell round them.
Page 414 - years of age I know not whether I should call my behavior in this dangerous juncture courage or folly; but I took up Livy and amused myself with turning over that author, and even making extracts from him, as if I had been perfectly at my leisure.
Page 417 - At last this dreadful darkness was dissipated by degrees, like a cloud of smoke ; the real day returned, and even the sun shone out, though with a lurid light, as when an eclipse is coming on. Every object that presented itself to our eyes (which were extremely weakened) seemed changed, being covered deep with ashes as if with snow.
Page 415 - Though it was now morning the light was still exceedingly faint and doubtful; the buildings all around us tottered, and though we stood upon open ground, yet as the place was narrow and confined, there was no remaining without imminent danger. We, therefore, resolved to quit the town. "A panic-stricken crowd followed us, and (as to a mind distracted with terror every suggestion
Page 354 - Cornehill, etc., with extraordinary difficulty clambering over heaps of yet smoking rubbish, and frequently mistaking where I was. The ground under my feete so hot, that it even burnt the soles of my shoes. * * * At my

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