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Wonder what is going on in the World these days?, or Why Common Sense is entirely Lost, and things just don't stand to Reason, and the Powers that Be in America and elsewhere in our World, are capitulating to Folly and Imprudence, wholesale? This forgotten old book is a MUST, for understanding all the strangest goings on in the World Today, and the so called New World Order "pushers" and deceivers. It illustrates WHY we are enduring phony "wag the dog" situations, such as the phony so called Swine Flue pandemic and it's deadly vaccines (population control), why "They" (the Secret Societies) are up to this sort of Much Mischief, and what are their ulterior motives. What Nesta doesn't explain, is WHERE Jesuit Adam Weishaupt got his FUNDING for his Illuminaughty Enterprise: being from out of the Roman Temple, perhaps he was fulfilling his Commission from that olde Harlot, even to attempt to reinstate her to her former glory, after her fall from worldly/secular Dominance in 1798, hoping to reinstate Her to her former worldly Glory, in a so called New World Order: but she is to utterly fail, and Biblical Prophesy indicates she will lose out on her last attempt to reinstate Herself to this former Glory, at the Hands of her temporal Rivals to her seat of Power, the Ten European Kingdoms, who are prophesied to "burn her with fire", in the very Last Days of the temporal kingdoms of Earth. After they have done that, they will utterly fail, themselves, in their worldly aspirations to Global Dominance of their marketplace and slaves, their cities, to rubble. StarNet, 

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