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Page 321 - Andover aforesaid, wickedly, maliciously, and feloniously, a covenant with the Devil did make, and signed the Devil's Book, and took the Devil to be her God, and consented to serve and worship him, and was baptized by the Devil, and renounced her former Christian baptism, and promised to be the Devil's, both body and soul forever, and to serve him...
Page 77 - He d. at Medfield 1655, aged 75. Morse exults in his honor as "one of the most ancient, if not the most ancient," that ever came to our country, yet presumes the time of his com. was 1624, when he, of course, could not be over 43 yrs. old. Even if he puts his arr. a dozen yrs. too early, as to me seem prob . he borders on presumpt.
Page 272 - O. had nine ch. to partake div. of his est. 1689, Rebecca Woodford, then aged 46 ; Mary, w. of Thomas Bascom of Northampton, 44 ; John, 42 ; Thomas, 39 ; Esther Stanley, 37 ; Sarah Smith, 34, wh. was bapt. 18 Feb. 1655; Hannah North, 31, bapt. 11 Apr. 1658; Samuel, bapt. 5 Dec. 1660; and Joseph, 20 Apr. 1664, wh. d. bef. Nov. 1689, but aft. the yr. came in. THOMAS, Waterbury, s. of the preced. m. 5 Nov. 1679, Eliz. d. of Simon Wroth am ; had Thomas, bapt.
Page 555 - The rest of the Quakers had liberty, if they pleased to use it, to depart the jurisdiction, though some of them capitally guilty. The good Lord pardon this timidity of spirit to execute the sentence of God's holy law upon such blasphemous persons l Jan.
Page 471 - ABRAHAM, Charlestown, a surg. hav. in Col. rec. 19 Oct. 1630, when he req. to be made free, the prefix of respect, came, we may well infer, in the fleet with Winth. and was liv. 1631 at C. He with w. Joanna, early join. the ch. of Roxbury, but rein.
Page 236 - Wardall unto the Church of Christ at the Falls of Paschataqua if they be rightly gathered and Ordered.
Page 107 - See the curious matter in Conn. Hist. Coll. III. 284, et seq. showing how the letter of Gov. Andros from New York, of 18 May, was receiv. on 10 June, twenty-three days from date, and travel. almost six miles a day. Perhaps Gov. Leete was innocent of the deception, but he must have been blind, or deaf, or both, not to have suspect. the contrivance? and distrust. the agent. LONG, ABIEL, Newbury, s.
Page 179 - This may have been the authority upon which Mr. Savage bases his statement that Mosely " visited Jamaica in the way of trade, and the adventurous spirit was excited and schooled, perhaps by Sir Henry Morgan and his associate Buccaneers ; the result of which was his bringing home to Boston two prizes taken from some unmentioned enemy.
Page 24 - JOHN, Northampton, is by Hinman said to have come at the age of 16 in 1645, liv. at Hartford, and 5 yrs. aft. m. Sarah Holton, d. of John ; but part of this is erron. for he m. 18 Nov. 1656, Sarah, d. of William Holton, wh. of course, was sis. not d. of John; had John, b. July 1657; William, 28 Mar.
Page 1 - ... mistress or family, where she may have her carnal disposition most of all subdued and reformed by strict discipline ; and also that they would show like care and assistance in seasonable time to provide some fit and godly match, proportionate to her estate and condition, that she may live comfortably and be fit to do good in her place and not to suffer her to be circumvented or to cast away herself upon some swaggering gentleman or other, that will look more after the enjoying what she hath,...

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