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Asiatic Society of Bengal, 1896 - Asia

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Page 94 - Bengal Artillery. A Memoir of the Services of the Bengal Artillery from the formation of the Corps. By the late CAPT. E. BUCKLE, Assist Adjut.
Page 194 - To promote the increase of natural knowledge, and to forward the application of scientific methods of investigation to all the problems of life to the best of my ability, in the conviction, which has grown with my growth and strengthened with my strength, that there is no alleviation for the sufferings of mankind except veracity of thought and of action, and the resolute facing of the world as it is when the garment of make-believe by which pious hands have hidden its uglier features is stripped...
Page 94 - TRANSACTIONS OF THE SECOND SESSION OF THE INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF ORIENTALISTS. Held in London in September 1874. Edited by Robert K. Douglas, Hon.
Page 47 - Archaeological report 1896—1897 comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of Egyptology during the year 1896-97.
Page 194 - On the contrary, I found that the task of putting the truths learned in the field, the laboratory and the museum, into language which, without bating a jot of scientific accuracy shall be generally intelligible, taxed such scientific and literary faculty as I possessed to the uttermost...
Page 133 - A Descriptive Catalogue of Sanskrit Manuscripts in the Library of the Calcutta Sanskrit College.
Page 146 - Mahomedan law relating to marriage, dower, divorce, legitimacy, and guardianship of minors, according to the Soonnees.
Page 22 - Sydney. — Royal Society of New South Wales. — Linnean Society of New South Wales. 3" PUBLICATIONS PÉRIODIQUES QUI FONT ÉCHANGE AVEC LA SOCIÉTÉ Françaises : Caeu, Calvados.
Page 182 - ... Batrachian Collection in the Natural History Museum," Proc. Zool. Soc. 1894, p. 646, pi. xl. Butler, AG — " On a Collection of Lepidoptera from British East Africa, made by Dr. JW Gregory between the months of March and August 1893," Proc. Zool. Soc. 1894, pp. 557593, pis. xxxvi. xxxvii. Godwin-Austen, HH — " Notes on Trochonanina and other Genera of Land Mollusca, with Reference to the Generic Position of Martensia Mozambicensis and other Species,
Page 93 - Annual Progress Report of the Archaeological Survey Circle, NorthWestern Provinces and Oudh, for the year ending 30th June, 1893"; printed at the Thomnson College Press, Roorkee, Xo. 2,286, p. 21. 3 The references to Gupta Architecture in Cunningham's "Reports" are grouped together under that heading in my General Index.

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