The Caxtons, a family picture, Volume 2

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J. B. Lippincott & co., 1860
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Page 334 - We are here among the vast and noble scenes of nature ; we are there among the pitiful shifts of policy : we walk here in the light and open ways of the divine bounty: we grope there in the dark and confused labyrinths of human malice : our senses are here feasted with the clear and genuine taste of their objects ; which are all sophisticated there, and for the most part overwhelmed with their contraries.
Page 111 - Or pore over you through a microscope, to see how your blood circulates from the crown of your head to the sole of your foot...
Page 333 - Through the soft ways of heaven, and air, and sea, Which open all their pores to thee; Like a clear river thou dost glide, And with thy living stream through the close channels slide. But...
Page 117 - said my uncle, " With a smile on his lip, and a tear in his eye ;" " the old sea-king' s blood will force its way — a soldier or a rover, there is no other choice for you. We shall mourn and miss you ; but who can chain the young eagles to the eyrie?" I had a harder task with my father, who at first seemed to listen to me as if I had been talking of an excursion to the moon.
Page 323 - See, labouring Nature calls thee to sustain The nodding frame of heaven, and earth, and main ! See to their base restored, earth, seas, and air; And joyful ages, from behind, in crowding ranks appear.
Page 109 - liberal' friends would poohpooh this notion ; but I am sure that the colony altogether, when arrived to a state that would bear the importation, would thrive all the better for it. And when the day shall...
Page 380 - I would press each other's hand secretly, and were not jealous. Well, then, Blanche and Pisistratus were seated near the cradle, and talking in low whispers, when my father pushed aside the screen, and said: " There — the work is done ! — and now it may go to press as soon as you will.
Page 333 - All the world's bravery, that delights our eyes, Is but thy several liveries ; Thou the rich dye on them bestow'st, Thy nimble pencil paints this landscape as thou go'st. A crimson garment in the rose thou wear'st ; A crown of studded gold thou bear'st ; The virgin-lilies, in their white, Are clad but with the lawn of almost naked light.
Page 180 - Come, woo me, woo me ; for now I am in a holiday humor, and like enough to consent.
Page 309 - IT was night as Vivian and myself rode slowly home. Night in Australia, — how impossible to describe its beauty ! Heaven seems, in that new world, so much nearer to earth ! Every star stands out so bright and particular, as if fresh from the time when the Maker willed it ; and the moon like a large silvery sun, — the least object on which it shines so distinct and so...

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