Epistolę Ho-Elianę: The Familiar Letters of James Howell, Volume 2

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Houghton, Mifflin, 1907 - England
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Page 38 - The Court affords little News at present, but that there is a Love call'd Platonick Love, which much sways there of late ; it is a Love abstracted from all corporeal gross Impressions and sensual Appetite, but consists in Contemplations and Ideas of the Mind, not in any carnal Fruition.
Page 275 - Sir, the knee timber of your voyage is money ; spare your purse in this particular, for upon my life you have a sufficient pardon for all that is passed already, the King having under his broad seal made you admiral of your fleet, and given you power of the martial law over your officers and soldiers.
Page 316 - Tongue differ so much from the Pen, that they have expos'd themselves to this contumelious Proverb, The Frenchman doth neither pronounce as he writes, nor speak as he thinks, nor sing as he pricks. Aristotle hath a topic Axiom, that Frustra fit per plura, quod fieri potest per pauciora : When fewer may serve the turn, more is in vain. And as this rule holds in all things else, so ii may be very well observ"d in Orthography.
Page 229 - It is without controversy that in the nonage of the world, men and beasts had but one buttery, which was the fountain and river ; nor do we read of any vines or wines till two hundred years after the Flood ; but now I do not know or hear of any nation that hath water only for their drink, except the Japanese, and they drink it hot, too.
Page 333 - ... the brain. The smoke of it is one of the wholesomest scents that is against all contagious airs, for it o'ermasters all other smells, as King James, they say, found true when, being once ahunting, a shower of rain drove him into a pigsty for shelter, where he caused a pipeful to be taken on purpose.
Page 54 - Some hold translations not unlike to be The wrong side of a Turkey tapestry; Or wines drawn off the lees, which filled in flask, Lose somewhat of their strength they had in cask.
Page 231 - ... metheglin, braggot, and mead, which differ in strength according to the three degrees of comparison. The first of the three, which is strong in the superlative, if taken immoderately, doth stupify more than any other liquor, and keeps a humming in the brain, which made one say, that he loved not metheglin, because he was used to speak too much of the house he came from, meaning the hive.
Page 45 - Coucy, a gallant gentleman of an ancient extraction, and keeper of Coucy Castle, which is yet standing, and in good repair. He fell in love with a young gentlewoman, and courted her for his wife: there was reciprocal love between them, but her parents understanding of it, by way of prevention, they shuffled up a forced match 'twixt her and one Monsieur Fayel, who was a great heir.
Page 241 - Spaniard, being hot-brained, bear much drink, yet I have heard that Gondamar was once too hard for the king of Denmark, when he was here in England. But the Spanish soldiers that have been in the wars of Flanders will take their cups freely, and the Italians also. When I lived...
Page 190 - God therefore — do hereby make my last will and testament in manner and form following. 'First, I give my gracious God an entire sacrifice of body and soul, with my most humble thanks for that assurance which his blessed Spirit imprints in me now of the salvation of the one, and the resurrection of the other...

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