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i preferred "the spy" but i did enjoy the villain character in this one...

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"The Race" is NOT up to Mr.Cussler's usual standards. Weak plot, cardboard characters, and repetitive action. Time for a return of Mr. Cussler without a co author. I have all of his novels, but will not buy any more if they are of this standard.
Rodney Senior. Hampton, Canada.

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I give 5 of 5 stars to the action novel The Race by Clive Cussler. This is another in the Isaac Bell series set in the 1930’s. What impressed me most about this book is the colorful language (no, not bad words) used in the novel which seemed accurate to the time period (no, I’m not that old). Use of terminology appropriate to the era improved the believability of the story. The story centers on a trans-america air race to win a publisher’s trophy. Throw in some international factors, some really nasty characters, some midnight modifications to competitor’s aircraft and you have a real suspense and action novel. I really enjoyed every minute of this Audible book and do highly recommend it. 

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