The Bitter Cry of the Children

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Macmillan, 1906 - Child labor - 337 pages
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Page 130 - In stench, in heated rooms, amid the constant whirling of a thousand wheels, little fingers and little feet were kept in ceaseless action, forced into unnatural activity by blows from the heavy hands and feet of the merciless over-looker, and the infliction of bodily pain by instruments of punishment invented by the sharpened ingenuity of insatiable selfishness.
Page 162 - The coal is hard, and accidents to the hands, such as cut, broken, or crushed fingers, are common among the boys. Sometimes there is a worse accident: a terrified shriek is heard, and a boy is mangled and torn in the machinery, or disappears in the chute to be picked out later smothered and dead. Clouds of dust fill the breakers and are inhaled by the boys, laying the foundations for asthma and miners
Page 288 - With regard to physical degeneracy, the children frequenting the poorer schools of London and the large towns betray a most serious condition of affairs, calling for ameliorative and arrestive measures, the most impressive features being the apathy of parents as regards the school, the lack of parental care of children, the poor physique, powers of endurance, and educational attainments of the children.
Page 136 - I'll work and die !" Her wasted form seemed nothing — The load was at his heart ; The sufferer he kept soothing Till at the mill they part. The overlooker met her, As to her frame she crept, And with his thong he beat her, And cursed her as she wept.
Page 190 - Then live these in your mind, making no room for unclean thought, and you will externalize them in your body. In the degree that you keep young in thought will you remain young in body. And you will find that your body will in turn aid your mind, for body helps mind the same as mind helps body. There is a sacred Something on all ways— Something that watches through the Universe; One that remembers, reckons and repays, Giving us love for love, and curse for curse.
Page 137 - Tis time !" she shrieked, and died ! That night a chariot passed her, While on the ground she lay ; The daughters of her master An evening visit pay ; Their tender hearts were sighing As...
Page 7 - district the death-rate at all ages last year was 13.45 per thousand as compared with 18.45 in the Thirteenth Ward, which is a typical working-class district, and of the total number of deaths the percentage under one year was 9.44 in the former as against 25.21 in the latter. Wolf, in his classic studies based upon the vital statistics of Erfurt for a period of twenty years, found that for every...
Page 136 - ... free market of labour, as you term it, like slaves. These are the instruments. [Here the honourable member exhibited some black, heavy, leathern thongs, one of them fixed in a sort of handle, the smack of which, when struck upon the table, resounded through the House...
Page 257 - ... badge as hereinafter provided shall have been Issued to him by the district superintendent of the board of education of the city and school district where said child resides, or by such other officer thereof...
Page 288 - Other than the well-known specif1cally hereditary diseases which affect poor and well-to-do alike, there appears to be very little real evidence on the pre-natal side to account for the widespread physical degeneracy among the poorer population. There is, accordingly, every reason to anticipate RAPID amelioration of physique so soon as improvement occurs in external conditions, particularly as regards food, clothing, overcrowding, cleanliness, drunkenness, and the spread of common practical knowledge...

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