Hand-book or new guide to Naples, Sicily and the environs

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Page 160 - Buch glowing accounts of the mildness of the climate and the fertility of the soil, that surveying parties were sent down the Ohio to locate lands upon its southern border.
Page 18 - And laggare into two days' journey broke What were but one to less incumber'd folk ; The Appian road , however , yields most pleasure To those , who choose to travel at their leisure. The water here was of so foul a stream Against my stomach I a war proclaim, And wait, though not with much good-humour wait, While with keen appetites my comrades eat.
Page 19 - Terra tulit neque quis me sit devinctior alter. O qui complexus et gaudia quanta fuerunt ! Nil ego contulerim jucundo sanus amico.
Page 9 - Ché la terra distrutta e incolta resta. Quindi Monte Circello orrido appare Col capo in cielo , e con le piante in mare.
Page 19 - Virgil meet : Pure spirits these ; the world no purer knows ; For none my heart with such affection glows ; How oft did we embrace ! Our joys how great! For sure no blessing in the power of Fate Can be compar'd, in sanity of mind, To friends of such companionable kind.
Page 19 - I our joys how great ! For sure no blessing in the power of fate Can be compared, in sanity of mind, To friends of such companionable kind. Near the Campanian bridge that night we lay, Where commissaries our expense defray.
Page 18 - At ten, Feronia, we thy fountain gain ; There land and bathe ; then after dinner creep Three tedious miles, and climb the rocky steep Whence Anxur shines. Maecenas was to meet Cocceius here, to settle things of weight : For they had oft in embassy been join'd. And reconcil'd the masters of mankind.
Page 19 - Laughing we leave an entertainment rare. The paltry pomp of Fundi's foolish mayor, The scrivener Luscus : now with pride elate, "With incense fum'd, and big with robes of state. From thence our wearied troop at Formiae rests, Murena's lodgers, and Fonteius
Page 20 - Near the Campanian bridge that night we lay, Where public officers our charges pay : Early next morn to Capua we came ; Maecenas goes to tennis; hurtful game To a weak appetite, and tender eyes; So down to sleep with Virgil Horace lies.
Page 11 - Near the coast is a fountain said to be the Artachia fountain where , according to Homer , Ulysses met the daughter of the king of the Lestrigons. Between the tower and Mola the view embraces the gulf and city of Gaeta , the islands near Naples and mount Vesuvius. In a semicircle formed by the shore is situated Mola di Gaeta.

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