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this guy is a hack he would not know racism if it ran up and took a chunk out of his ass

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Others far more eloquent have already said what needs to be said about this book, so I won't bother picking the buckets of nits that make up the fabric of this book.
The short story? This book is
what changed my mind about the 2008 Presidential Election. Instead of voting for McCain and a slate of of Republicans, Libertarians and a couple Independents, I switched most of my votes to the Democrats.
The Dems are incredibly flawed and fundamentally wrong, but it's hard to believe mainstream Dems thinking in the mirror image of Dinesh's book. If they did, there'd probably be denouncements and riots.
Yes, it's that bad.
This guy isn't conservative- he's a quack. But like many of the other important "conservative" commentators out there, he's kess of a conservative than some sort of fascist with a fetish for the glories of subjectivism. Mind boggling.
Let's hope our movement can move past idiots like these!

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