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Page 66 - Put one cup of sugar and a piece of butter the size of an egg in a bowl, and one good-sized cupful of boiling water into a pan on the stove.
Page 235 - ... which reaches from the heel to the hip, putting some cotton or a towel under the knee and the heel. Then bandage the splint on at the ankle, at the upper part of the leg, and above and below the knee pan. If the foot is broken make a splint of two pieces of wood held together at right angles, and after padding the foot with cotton, bind the splint to the side of the foot and the leg. If the upper arm is broken make three splints, one long enough to reach from the shoulder to the elbow to go on...
Page 108 - ENTHUSIASTIC black bass anglers claim that inch for inch and pound for pound the black bass is the gamest fish that swims.
Page 236 - If the hand is broken, put a cotton pad on the palm and over it a thin splint long enough to reach from the tips of the fingers to the forearm. After binding the splint in place, put the arm in a sling with the hand higher than the elbow.
Page 233 - Hold a wet handkerchief at the back of your neck and wash your face in cold water, or place a wad of paper under your upper lip. Then throw your head forward and hold a sponge soaked in water at your nose. If these remedies fail, crowd some fine gauze or cotton into your nostrils and make a plug. Blistered Feet Wash them in warm water and then in alcohol or in cold water with a little baking powder or soda added. Wipe them dry, and then rub them with a tallow candle or some fat. If you do not wear...
Page 46 - ... it being the only practical brush camp to have when there are more than three persons in the party. First drive two crotched sticks into the ground about eight feet apart for posts, and on these put a stout sapling. Against this lean some poles, about a foot apart, making them secure at the bottom by sticking them into the ground or by rolling a log against them. On this framework, and up and down the sides, lay hemlock or spruce boughs, which should be lapped so that they will shed the rain.
Page 234 - ... arm in a sling. If the shoulder blade is broken put the forearm across the chest with the fingers on the other shoulder, and then bandage the arm to the body. If a rib is broken it will pain the person when he takes a long breath. Put him on his back, resting a little on the uninjured side, with something under his head and chest so that he will breathe easily. If it is necessary to move him bandage strips of adhesive plaster around his body, beginning at the lowest rib and working upward, having...
Page 66 - BREAD.—Take one quart of Indian meal, one teaspoonful of salt, one teaspoonful of baking powder, two tablespoonfuls of sugar, a beaten egg, and mix with diluted condensed milk to a thin batter. After stirring it well put it in a greased pan and let it slowly bake in the baker for half an hour. Remember that the secret of light corn bread is in getting it into the baker as soon as it is mixed. CORN CAKE.—Use one-half flour and one-half Indian meal.
Page 244 - ... if you yourself are in danger of drowning the first thing to do is to lie on your back and let your head sink until only your nose and mouth are above water. If you work your hands like paddles, and kick with your feet you can stay above water for several hours even with your clothes on. It simply requires a little courage and enough strength of mind not to lose your head. If you can get hold of a board or anything floating in the water you can keep your head above the water without turning on...
Page 69 - POTATOES.—You will of course say you have eaten baked potatoes, but unless they were baked in hot ashes, and you sat on a log, with a pinch of salt in one hand and a potato in the blackened fingers of the other, you have never had the real thing. Never put potatoes in cold water and then let the water boil. If they are new potatoes put them in boiling water after taking off the skins and adding a small handful of salt.

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