Descriptions of the sheriffdoms of Lanark and Renfrew, Volume 12

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Page 170 - ... in futurum • Et adeo libere quiete plenarie integre honorifice bene et in pace in omnibus et per omnia sicut...
Page 275 - Nulli ergo omnino hominum liceat hanc paginam noftre confirmationis infringere vel ei aufu temerario contraire • Si quis autem hoc attemptare prefumpferit indignationem omnipotentis Dei...
Page 186 - JAMES, be the Grace of God King of Scottis, to all and sindry quhom it efferis.
Page 51 - Mine, which is situated about a quarter of a mile to the southeast of Big Nugget Hill.
Page 143 - ... fell likewise under the Roman Arms and as I take it, did set a bound to their Conquest. The Romans never having past the Firth of Clide to Argile.shire, and the old Caledonian Wood came to the border of this Shire, it having reached the Lennox or Dumbarten Shire on this hand, as it did Stirling Shire and to Forth on the other hand. But that the Romans came this length, is more then probable for as there are in many places from the one end of Clidesdale to the other, visible undeniable vestiges...
Page 12 - to be allowed to break the griss nailed without drawing of the nail."* Of the last Lindsay of Dunrode (1693), who moved about among his miserable tenants attended by twelve soldiers mounted on milk white horses, we are told that " when playing on the ice he ordered a hole to be made in it, and one of his vassals, who had inadvertently disobliged him in some trifling circumstance, immediately to be drowned "f ; in 1607 Earl Marischall of Donottar Castle...
Page 192 - March 4, 1517. said maist reverend fader of thir guds undwrittin, being in his said cas- 1517. tell and palice in the samyn tyme : That is to say : xxviii. Fedder bedds furnist, price of ilk bedd viii. lib. xviii. Verdours, price of the pece iii. lib. xiiii. Arres Werks, price of the pece iiii. lib. Twa arress of the gretest bynd, price of the pece x. lib. vi. Rufs and courtings of say, and four of lynning claith, to the avail of xxx.
Page 113 - This is the burial place of their heirs. served Chryst in the work of ye gospel at Monk-toun & Prestick from 1640 to 1664, when he was ejected for nonconformity, and after that exercised his ministry, partly there, partly in this city and the countrey round till March 26, 1686, when he fell asleep in Christ at Bogtoun house in Cathcart, aged 75, & Robert Maxwell his son & Euphan Paton his spouse; & belongs to Mr Patrick Maxwell minr. at Inchennan, [who died 1749] and now to his son the Rev. Mr Thomas...
Page 144 - ... of earth, which must have been large, when to this day their vestiges are so great that men on horseback will not see over them. The camp itself hath been great and large, it comprehending the whole hill. There are vestiges on the north side of the foussees and dike, whereby it appears that the camp reached to the river of Cart.
Page 52 - Simon insisted that it should form part of the ransom; the lady finding him inflexible, reluctantly complied, at the same time informing him of its miraculous virtues in curing diseases, both of men and cattle. This jewel is the Lee-penny, so well known from the erroneous account of it given in Sir Walter Scott's tale of the "Talisman.

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