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when annie discovers she's pregnant by her boyfriend,she's devastaded.she was never felt so alone.with no one she can talk to,she pours her heart out to her diary,confiding her feelings of panic,self-doubt,and the desparate hope that some day she can turn her life around.she decides she wants to keep her baby and dreams of loving and caring for this little person.but after the baby is born,it's in her diary that she faces the ogonizing. question:can she really raise this child on her own? 

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My friend and I loved this book everyday we would talk about it and we really think Annie's story could be real. Beatrice Sparks was an spectacular writer and editor and we read all of her books. We highly recommend teenage girls should read this book. I happen to know somebody who got pregnant at a young age and her story is a lot like Annie's. This book is an obvious 5 stars from us. So if you want a book that can make you cry we strongly recommend this book.  

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Annie’s BabyThe fiction book called Annie’s Baby, is a “great and interesting book”, is about a diary of girl that is writing her feeling and confiding. The entire book is about that how she can find comfort in her life, and resolve the things.
The principal characters is Annie; she was just 14 years old, when she discovers she’s pregnant by her boyfriend. She said that she don’t want that responsibility. Annie knows that her life will be changes, she was going to high school and she was scared of what to do in her life. Annie was a girl that don’t have a good relationship with her mother, she need to know what to do with her life.
This Fantastic book is good book that talk about the problem that have the adolescents, when know that are pregnant, and that feel desperate. Anne is a girl like other, that is scared to accept the life and to their parent.
I would recommend this book, because I think that Annie’s Baby book is a great book for the teenagers, because can help to the girls that are in this situation. They can have a example in Annie and have the solution.

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it was a very eye opening book and it has affect on how you see how yourself is treated. then you relize its not right.

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