The Works of David Mallet...: Alfred, a masque. The life of Francis Bacon

A. Millar and P. Vaillant, 1759 - 247 ページ

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24 ページ - Attach thee firmly to the virtuous deeds And offices of life ; to life itself, With all its vain and transient joys, sit loose.
222 ページ - My name and memory I leave to foreign nations, and to my countrymen after some time be passed over.
122 ページ - I shall dwell with pleasure on the shining part of my lord Bacon's character, as a writer ; I shall not dare either to conceal or palliate his blemishes, as a man. It equally concerns the public to be made acquainted with both.
159 ページ - He was v°l'^' raised to be Chief Justice of the Common Pleas in 1606, and of the King's Bench in 1613. On the bench he was above corruption : and had this saying frequently in his mouth, that a judge should neither give nor take a bribe. In the case of Peacham, in B»con, the business of Commendams, he behaved himself ^J' with the honesty and firmness of one who knew that CXLV.
186 ページ - Peacham had been accused of inserting in a sermon several passages accounted treasonable, for it seems they reflected on the ministry ; but in a sermon never preached, nor ever intended to be made public. The king, who was beyond measure jealous on this head, fearing the man might either be acquitted on his. trial, or not condemned to a capital Bacon, punishment, had ordered his attorney general Bacon LetuJ to sound the judges before-hand, and gather their cxn.
181 ページ - General, which required his frequent attendance in the upper bouse : the commons, from their particular regard for Sir Francis Bacon, and for that time only, overruled the objection ; and he was accordingly allowed to take his place among them. If I observe farther, that the king raised him to the dignity of a...
233 ページ - ... fpeak freely, the features of both parents were all along equally blended in the complexion of t.he daughter. To trace at length the rife, progrefs, and variations of this philofophy, would be an undertaking not only curious but...
237 ページ - Europe who had made any progress in the mathematics ; and in chemistry yet fewer : that those who undertook to translate Aristotle were every way unequal to the task ; and that his writings, which, rightly...
225 ページ - ... view of the ftate of learning in Europe, from the dark period of Gothicism down to the fixteenth Century. But let me at the fame time acknowledge , that this account will be only a rude and imperfect fketch...
248 ページ - ... be treated, at first, as visionary, or impracticable, merely for being new. This our author foresaw, and endeavoured to obviate, in the third part of his Instauration ; by furnishing materials himself towards a natural and experimental history ; a work which he thought so indispensably necessary, that without it the united endeavours of all mankind, in all ages, would be insufficient to rear and perfect the great structure of the sciences. He was aware too, that even men of freer and more extensive...