The Elements of Animal Biology

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P. Blakiston's Son & Company, 1919 - Biology - 402 pages
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Page 126 - Are God and Nature then at strife, That Nature lends such evil dreams So careful of the type she seems, So careless of the single life...
Page 76 - A centipede was happy— quite ! Until a toad in fun Said, '•' Pray which leg moves after which ? " This raised her doubts to such a pitch, She fell exhausted in the ditch, Not knowing how to run.
Page 313 - ... interesting in this connection. He spoke of the ideas flashing up from the depths of the unknown soul, that lies at the foundation of every truly creative intellectual production, and closed his account of their ╗ Dr. Adolph Rupp, New York Medical Journal, July 9,1898. origin with these words : ' The smallest quantity of an alcoholic beverage seemed to frighten these ideas away.
Page 120 - ... after thirty years (1871) a horse could gallop over the compact turf from one end of the field to the other, and not strike a single stone with his shoes.
Page 196 - The bullfinch makes his advances in front of the female, and then puffs out his breast, so that many more of the crimson feathers are seen at once than otherwise would be the case. At the same time he twists and bows his black tail from side to side in a ludicrous manner. The male chaffinch also stands in front of the female, thus showing his red breast and "blue bell...
Page 309 - The ear, or the organ of hearing, is composed of three parts: the external, the middle and the internal ear. The external ear consists of the auricle and the external auditory canal, which extends from the outside to the eardrum, or tympanic membrane.
Page 264 - ... two large cell-formed substances on each side of the chest, surrounding the heart. After passing through the lungs, it is returned by the pulmonary veins to the left auricle of the heart; from this it is sent into the adjoining left ventricle; and by a powerful contraction of this muscular cavity, it flows out by the great artery of the heart, the carotid, which distributes it through every part of the body, again to be returned by the veins: and thus the round of circulation...
Page 380 - At least 25 per cent, of the inmates of our penal institutions are mentally defective and belong either to the feeble-minded or to the defective delinquent class. Nearly 50 per cent, of the girls at the Lancaster Reformatory are mentally defective.
Page 66 - FiG. 56.—The little black ant (Monomorium minulum). a, female; b, same with wings; c, male; d, workers; e, pupa;/, larva; g, egg of worker— all enlarged.
Page 316 - Hence, the ambitious boy, who has any regard for developing a vigorous body fitted for athletic success, for training a mind capable of clear thinking, and for preparing himself for a successful life work, will resist all temptations to smoke, at least until he has attained his full growth.

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