Musical Studies

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A. & C. Black, 1880 - Conservatories of music - 258 pages
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Page 243 - D'où je conclus que les Français n'ont point de musique et n'en peuvent avoir«, ou que, si jamais ils en ont une, ce sera tant pis pour eux.
Page 243 - Je crois avoir fait voir qu'il n'ya ni mesure ni mélodie dans la musique française, parce que la langue n'en est pas susceptible; que le chant français n'est qu'un aboiement continuel, insupportable à toute oreille non prévenue...
Page 238 - King never would come ; now not the King only for state, but all civil people do think they may come as well as any. He tells me that he hath gone several times, eight or ten times, he tells me, hence to Rome to hear good musique ; so much he loves it, though he never did sing or play a note. That he hath ever endeavoured in the late King's time and in this to introduce good musique, but he never could do it, there never having been any musique here better than ballads. Nay, says
Page 142 - At the end of my last stay in Paris, when ill, miserable, and despairing, I sat brooding over my fate, my eye fell on the score of my "Lohengrin", totally forgotten by me. Suddenly I felt something like compassion that this music should never sound from off the death-pale paper. Two words I wrote to Liszt; his answer was the news that preparations for the performance were being made on the largest scale the limited means of Weimar would permit.
Page 238 - Baptista,' who hath proposed a play in Italian for the Opera, which T. Killigrew do intend to have up ; and here he did sing one of the acts. He himself is the poet as well as the musician ; which is very much, and did sing the whole from the words without any musique prickt, and played all along upon a harpsicon most admirably, and the composition most excellent.
Page 141 - I wanted to express in writing it down, he said in making it sound. Strange to say, through the love of this rarest friend I gained, at the moment of becoming homeless, a real home for my art, which I had longed for and sought for always in the wrong place At the end of my last stay at Paris, when, ill, miserable, and despairing, I sat brooding over my fate, my eye fell on the score of my ' Lohengrin,
Page 162 - The tale tells that great fires were made endlong the hall, and the great tree aforesaid stood midmost thereof; withal folk say that, whenas men sat by the fires in the evening, a certain man came into the hall unknown of aspect to all men ; and suchlike array he had, that over him was a spotted cloak, and he was bare-foot, and had...
Page 238 - The words I did not understand, and so know not how they are fitted, but believe very well, and all in the recitativo very fine. But I perceive there is a proper accent in every country's discourse, and that do reach in their setting of notes to words, which, therefore...
Page 58 - Quand je suis mal disposé, disait-il, je joue sur un piano d'Érard et j'y trouve facilement un son tout fait ; mais quand je me sens en verve et assez fort pour trouver mon propre son à moi, il me faut un piano de Pleyel.
Page 127 - as immediate and direct an objective rendering or copy of the will of the world as the world itself is, as the ideas are of which the universe of things is the phenomenon. Music is not, like the other arts, the copy of the ideas, but a representation of the cosmical Will co-ordinate with the ideas themselves.

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