Journal of the Institute of Bankers, Volume 1

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Institute of Bankers., 1880 - Banks and banking
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Page 351 - Where a banker in good faith and without negligence receives payment for a customer of a cheque crossed generally or specially to himself, and the customer has no title, or a defective title, thereto, the banker shall not incur any liability to the true owner of the cheque by reason only of having received such payment.
Page 346 - Where a person takes a crossed cheque which bears on it the words " not negotiable," he shall not have and shall not be capable of giving a better title to the cheque than that which the person from whom he took it had.
Page 381 - ... could not have had at the time when any of his debts were contracted any reasonable or probable ground of expectation of being able to pay the same...
Page 597 - Parliament, and that it shall not be lawful for any body politic or corporate whatsoever, erected or to be erected, or for any other persons whatsoever, united or to be united, in covenants or partnership, exceeding the number of six persons in that part of Great Britain called England, to borrow, owe, or take up any sum or sums of money on their bills, or notes, payable at demand or at any less time than six months from the borrowing thereof...
Page 139 - ... will; but the will, with such alteration as part thereof, shall be deemed to be duly executed if the signature of the testator and the subscription of the witnesses be made in the margin or on some other part of the will...
Page 358 - Where a cheque bears across its face an addition of the name of a banker, either with or without the words " not negotiable," that addition constitutes a crossing, and the cheque is crossed specially and to that banker.
Page 243 - A bill of exchange in its origin was an instrument by which a trade debt, due in one place, was transferred in another. It merely avoided the necessity of transmitting cash from place to place. This theory the French Law steadily keeps in view. In England bills have developed into a perfectly flexible paper currency. In France a bill represents a trade transaction...
Page 365 - Act, the banker paying the cheque in good faith and without negligence shall not be responsible or incur any liability, nor shall the payment be questioned by reason of the cheque having been crossed, or of the crossing having been obliterated, or having been added to or altered otherwise than as...
Page 129 - It is payable at twenty days — when the days are out, we will pay you ; " and those that are not so, they make tell over their money, and make their bags false, on purpose to give cause to retell it, and so spend time.
Page 590 - A banker or officer of a bank shall not, in any legal proceeding to which the bank is not a party, be compellable to produce any banker's book the contents of which can be proved under this Act, or to appear as a witness to prove the matters, transactions, and accounts therein recorded, unless by order of a judge made for special cause.

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