Eight Books of Homer's Odyssey

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Ginn, The Athenĉum Press, 1897 - 351 pages

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Page xxxii - Г 179, where the adjectives are brought together. Cf. Milton's ' Sweet is the breath of morn, her rising sweet,' Par. Lost iv. 641, 'Adam the goodliest man of men since born, | His sons, the fairest of her daughters, Eve,' ib. iv. 323 f., Shakspere's ' Malice domestic, foreign levy,' Macbeth iii. 2. 25. d. Litotes
Page xxxiii - f. Cf. Shakspere, Sonnet 55, 7 ' Nor Mars his sword, nor war's quick fire shall burn | The living record of your memory.' g. Hysteron Proteron. Occasionally the more important or obvious object or action is mentioned before another which should precede it in strict order of time, as
Page 45 - Island valley of Avilion | Where falls not hail or rain or any snow, | Nor ever wind blows loudly,' to which Arthur goes, Tennyson's Morte d'Arthur.
Page 11 - on account of the customary offerings to the gods. Cf. 'For the Pharisees, and all the Jews, except they wash their hands diligently, eat not, holding the tradition of the elders,
Page xxx - With many a weary step and many a groan | Up the high hill he heaves a huge round stone.' e. The poet plays occasionally on the names of his heroes, as in a 62,
Page 48 - The long stem-vowel is also Homeric. 383. Cf. ' a red heifer without spot, wherein is no blemish, and upon which never yoke came,' Numbers xix. 2. The relative clause explains the epithet. 384. The horns of the heifer should be overlaid with gold-leaf, to make the victim more acceptable to the goddess. Cf. 437 f., and Vergil's et statuam ante aras aurata fronte
Page 58 - Who knows not Circe, | The daughter of the sun, whose charmed cup | Whoever tasted, lost his upright shape, | And downward fell into a grovelling swine
Page 69 - moly, a magic herb, with black root and white flower, к 305. Cf. ' More medicinal is it than that moly | That Hermes once to wise Ulysses gave,
Page 49 - Cf. Milton's ' Now morn, her rosy steps in the Eastern clime | Advancing, sowed the earth with orient pearl, | When Adam waked. Par. Lost, v. l
Page 91 - ff. Later writers assigned her to the Strait of Messina, between Italy and Sicily. Cf. ' Vex'd Scylla bathing in the sea that parts | Calabria from the hoarse Trinacrian shore,

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