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International Textbook Company, 1902 - Telephone - 711 pages
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Page 191 - ... fine flour is to be made into what is known as bread. As before said, the particles easily pack together when wet into a pasty dough which, if so baked, would defy mastication and digestion. We must contrive in some way to separate these flour particles by forcing between them air or some other gas, so as to present as large a surface as possible to the action of the digestive...
Page 16 - Suppose that a man speaks near a movable disk, sufficiently flexible to lose none of the vibrations of the voice; that this disk alternately makes and breaks the connection with a battery; you may have at a distance another disk which will simultaneously execute the same vibrations.
Page 235 - ... as a return circuit. (19) By an adjustable rheostat in the field circuit of the dynamo or in the field circuit of the motor. In the latter case, the adjustable rheostat regulates the dynamo voltage by altering the speed of the machine and is not as desirable a method as the one first mentioned. (20) Make sure that the positive pole of the battery is connected to the positive pole of the charging generator. (21) When, in formula 7,2 nnL= 5—^ (see Art.
Page 120 - ... zero when the plane of the coil is at right angles to the direction of the lines of force, and therefore the induced electromotive force here is zero.
Page 27 - ... that each float, or paddle, when in the lowest part of its rotation, may make a right angle with the keel of the vessel, or act directly in the line of the vessel's way ; and the uppermost paddle be parallel to that way, or to the keel. To effect these ends...
Page 52 - ... decrease in the current tends to induce a current in the same direction, self-induction may be said to be that property of a circuit that tends to prevent any change in the strength of a current flowing in it. Self-induction has, therefore, been defined as the "inherent quality of an electric current that tends to impede the introduction, variation, or extinction of an electric current passing through an electric circuit.
Page 5 - ... which acts upon the nerves. Hence, it follows that the function of the human ear is the mechanical transmission to the auricular nerve of each expansion and contraction which occurs in the surrounding medium, while the function of the nerve is to convey to the brain the sensations thus produced. From the above, one can understand why it is possible to make some persons who are deaf on account of an unnatural condition of some part of the ear mechanism hear by the use of apparatus which collects...

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