"The Nigger": An American Play in Three Acts

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Macmillan, 1910 - African Americans - 267 pages
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Page 273 - BY HENRY ARTHUR JONES (Continued) The Crusaders 75 cents net The Infidel 75 cents net The Tempter 75 cents net The Whitewashing of Julia 75 cents net Each of these well-known plays is bound in cloth, with white paper label. BY JACK LONDON Scorn of Women Cloth, $1.25 net The scenes are laid in the far north, Mr. London's special province. BY PERCY MACKAYE The Canterbury Pilgrims $1.25 net Fenris the Wolf. A Tragedy $1.25 net Jeanne d'Arc $1.25 net The Scarecrow $1.25 net Mater $1.25 net Sappho and...
Page 274 - The City (a drama) and Other Poems $1.25 net BY SARAH KING WILEY Alcestis (a play) and Other Poems 75 cents net The Coming of Philibert $1.25 net Mr. WILLIAM WINTER'S Version of Mary of Magdala $1.25 net An adaptation from the original of Paul Heyse ; used by Mrs. Fiske. BY WILLIAM BUTLER YEATS Where there is Nothing Cloth, $1.25 net Limited large paper edition, $5.00 net The Hour Glass and Other Plays $1.25 net In the Seven Woods $1.00 net NOTE.— Volume II. of the Collected Edition of Mr. Yeats's...
Page 274 - The first volume contains his lyrics up to the present time ; the second includes all of his five dramas in verse : The Countess Cathleen, The Land of Heart's Desire, The King's Threshold, On Baile's Strand, and The Shadowy Waters.
Page 268 - The afternoon sun strikes his figure. At his appearance, a shout goes up — long, steady, enthusiastic cheering; and, after a moment, the big regimental band begins playing, very slowly,
Page 269 - Phil raises his hand for silence and the band crashes through the national anthem and the roar of voices still rises from below — the curtain falls.) To all but the radical few who advocate unqualified social equality, Sheldon's solution as offered in the above scene will appear the only logical and satisfactory one.
Page 213 - You an' me have had mo' tune t' push ahead — that's the only diff 'rence between us ! We're all men an' we're all doin' the same thing — stumblin' an' fallin' t'gethah, on our jou'ney t
Page 7 - I was livin' heah fo' yo' was bawn ! Don' fo'get dat, yo' imperent, low-down li'tle niggah yo'! Simms. (Pacifically.) Hoi" on, Jinny! I ain't said nuffin'. Dat I ain't! Yo' g" long now en' I'll sen' down a gal t' yo' cabin wif a basket. Jinny. (Turning away.) Yo' sho' will — er Marse Phil'd — Simms.
Page 272 - Climbers 75 cents net The Girl with the Green Eyes 75 cents net Her Own Way 75 cents net The Stubbornness of Geraldine 75 cents net The Truth 75 cents net Ingenious satires on modern society, unhackneyed in incident, piquant in humor, showing minute observation happily used. Each is bound in cloth, with white paper label. BY THOMAS HARDY The Dynasts : a Drama of the Napoleonic Wars In Three Parts Each $1.50 net BY LAURENCE HOUSMAN • Bethlehem: A Musical Nativity Play $1.25 net BY HENRY ARTHUR JONES...
Page 138 - We brought the niggahs ovah t' this country, Clif — an' I reckon we're responsible fo' them while theah heah. If we've kept 'em like children, we've got to treat 'em like children. An' we're not in the habit, Clif, o' pourin' liquoh down the throats of our infants.
Page 15 - No, it came befo' that. My gran'fathah an' Phil's — > they were brothahs-in-Iaw, you know — they began it in the fo'ties. Georgie. Why? Noyes. (Grimly.) I reckon the Morrows are tryin' now t' keep it da'k. But Lawd! — I don't mind tellin'. It's the old thing — ' both losin' theah heads ovah the same woman.

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