Calendar of Virginia State Papers and Other Manuscripts: ... Preserved in the Capitol at Richmond, Volume 4

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R.F. Walker, 1884 - Virginia
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Page 231 - An Ordinance for ascertaining the mode of disposing of Lands in the Western Territory.
Page 156 - Union, at a time and place to be agreed on, to take into consideration the trade of the United States, to examine the relative situations and trade of the said states, to consider how far a uniform system in their commercial regulations may be necessary to their common interest and their permanent harmony...
Page 58 - All Nature is but art, unknown to thee All chance, direction, which thou canst not see; All discord, harmony not understood; All partial evil, universal good: And, spite of pride, in erring reason's spite, One truth is clear, Whatever is, is right.
Page 2 - I have therefore thought fit, by and with the advice of the council of...
Page 243 - Though this country has been settling but about six years, and that in the midst of an inveterate enemy, and most of the first adventurers fallen a prey to the savages, and although the emigration to this country is so very rapid that the internal market is very great, yet the quantities of produce they now have on hand are immense.
Page 345 - In obedience to an unanimous resolution of the United States in Congress Assembled, a copy of which is annexed, I have the honor to transmit to Your Excellency, the Report of the Convention lately Assembled in Philadelphia, together with the resolutions and letter accompanying the same; And have to request that Your Excellency will be pleased to lay the same before...
Page 153 - County, when he, she, or they shall be taken, to be dealt with as the Law directs. Given under my hand and seal this 4 July, 1786.
Page 227 - Sensible as I am," said the General in his answer, " of the honour conferred on me by the General Assembly of this commonwealth, in appointing me one of the deputies to a Convention proposed to be held in the city of Philadelphia in May next, for the purpose of revising the federal constitution ; and desirous as I am on all occasions of testifying a ready obedience to the calls of my country..
Page 243 - Do you think to prevent the emigration from a barren country, loaded with taxes and impoverished with debts, to the most luxurious and fertile soil in the world ? Vain is the thought, and presumptuous the supposition. You may as well endeavor to prevent the fishes from gathering on a bank in the sea which affords them plenty of nourishment.
Page 85 - I went to the workman. He presented me the parts of fifty locks taken to pieces, and arranged in compartments. I put several together myself, taking pieces at hazard as they came to hand, and they fitted in the most perfect manner.

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