American homoeopathic journal of obstetrics and gynecology. v. 1, Volume 1, Issue 1

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Advance Publishing Company,m, 1885
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Page 33 - Thornton, T. Spencer Wells and Bantock, all of that hospital and all recognized authorities in abdominal surgery, or ovariotomists. We heartily recommend the work to those interested in this special field of surgery. PRACTICAL MANUAL OF DISEASES OF WOMEN AND UTERINE THERAPEUTICS. By H. Macnaughton Jones, MD, London England. 408 pages—price
Page 34 - T. SPEAKMAN, MD, formerly of Battle Creek, Mich., is now resident physician, and professor of physiology and hygiene, at Wellesley College, Mass. NOTE TO CONTRIBUTORS AND SUBSCRIBERS. 1. All articles or communications to this journal, should
Page 33 - and is, as the author claims, intended for the student and general practitioner. In the preface, the writer states, as his reason for writing a book of this character, that " many years of experience, both as a clinical teacher and lecturer on obstetrics, had taught me that students rarely mastered the more comprehensive gynaecological treatise. How inadequate is the time at the disposal of a lecturer
Page 32 - Haemorrhage from Polypi," by GF Forbes, MD, of W. Brookfield. " Operation for Prolapsus of Bladder," and " treatment of Abortion at third or fourth month," by GE Southwick, MD, of Boston. " Cystitis," by WP Defriez, MD, of Woburn. "Physical Examinations, Local Applications and Pessaries. A reply to Dr.
Page 13 - Philadelphia. [From a monograph ] Very much has been written on the subject of ovarian tumors. Nearly all writers, with scarcely an exception, describe at length their varieties, consistency, appearance, position, etc., as though they were a something separate from the living organism and vital principle which animates them, as something hidden internally and material, however subtle
Page 12 - Medica which is all they have serves the purpose of homœopathic show. If the representatives of the homoeopathic school would learn the polychrests so that they could compare them throughout, the demand for mechanics and local slops would decrease. There should be no fashion in medicine; what was good fifty years ago in the hands of the
Page 17 - The tumor appeared first on the left side, and was as large as a ten quart pan, filling pretty nearly the entire abdominal cavity. After this had disappeared, some years later, another tumor was developed on the right side. This was also completely cured by the use of Podolph. pelt.
Page 18 - Annual Record, 1873, a case is reported by Charles Sumner, MD, of New York. His case was so diagnosed by an allopathic physician, and it was also his honest conviction. It was the size of a quart bowl. He continued the use of Calcarea c.
Page 14 - only limited by the endurance of the sufferer. This is the real pathology of all tumors and other diseased conditions. It is the living pathology only that concerns the physician as a healer. The material is per se of no account beyond its symptomatic value.
Page 17 - to be taken at every paroxysm of pain, and repeated every hour till relieved. The paroxysms gradually diminished in frequency and severity till she had recovered sufficiently to walk a long distance. She went to Europe, carrying with her a vial of Coloc.

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