Who Killed Sir Edmund Berry Godfrey?

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Burns and Oates, 1905 - Popish Plot, 1678 - 210 pages
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Page 193 - ... men. He had walk for a hundred sheep, and my mother milked thirty kine. He was able, and did find the king a harness with himself and his horse, while he came to the place that he should receive the king's wages.
Page 184 - ... by a great deliberation, finally be resolved, that it is and shall be much more to the pleasure of Almighty God, and for the honour of this his realm, that the possessions of such small religious houses, now being spent, spoiled, and wasted for increase and maintenance of sin, should be used and committed to better uses, and the unthrifty religious persons, so spending the same, to be compelled to reform their lives...
Page 74 - To' en flan ie the crowd, while he, with watchful eye, Observes, and shoots their treasons as they fly; Their weekly frauds his keen replies detect; He undeceives more fast than they infect. So Moses, when the pest on legions prey'd, Advanced his signal, and the plague was stay'd.
Page 17 - We have here a mighty work upon our hands, no less than the conversion of three kingdoms, and by that perhaps the utter subduing of a pestilent heresy, which has a long time domineered over a great part 'of this northern world. There were never such hopes of success, since the days of queen Mary, as now in our days. God has given us a prince...
Page 152 - ... were so generally believed by city or country as well as both houses; I replied, with some heat, That the plot was a matter long on foot before I came over into England; that to understand it, one must have been here to observe all the motions of it; which not having done, I would have nothing to do with it...
Page 183 - Bill had stuck long in the lower house, and could get no passage, he commanded the Commons to attend him in the forenoon in his gallery, where he let them wait till late in the afternoon, and then coming out of his chamber, walking a turn or two amongst them, and looking angrily on them, first on the one side, then on the other, at last, I hear (saith he) that my Bill will not pass; but I will have it pass, or I will have some |of your heads : and without other rhetoric or persuasion returned to...
Page 10 - Sunk were his eyes, his voice was harsh and loud, Sure signs he neither choleric was, nor proud : His long chin proved his wit; his saint-like grace A church vermilion, and a Moses
Page 193 - Threaten these things to rich and dainty folk, which are clothed in purple, fare deliciously, and have their chiefest hope in this world, for we esteem them not, but are joyful that for the discharge of our duties we are driven hence ; and, with thanks to God, we know the way to heaven to be as ready by water as by land, and therefore we care not which way we go.
Page 19 - That the lords and commons are of opinion, that there hath been, and still is, a damnable and hellish plot, contrived and carried on by the Popish recusants, for assassinating the king, for subverting the government, and for rooting out and destroying the Protestant religion.".
Page 178 - So have I seen a king on chess (His rooks and knights withdrawn, His queen and bishops in distress) Shifting about, grow less and less, With here and there a pawn.

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